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   ARTICLE   |   From Scotsman Guide Residential Edition   |   October 2005

Envisioning Your Future

Visualizing success can help mortgage professionals achieve their goals

Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the greatest musical composers, had a severe hearing loss when he composed many of his famous symphonies. Just imagine what it must have been like for him to only imagine in his head what millions of people have enjoyed with their ears. Beethoven had more than the gift of composing great music; he also had the gift of vision.

So what does vision have to do with being a successful mortgage professional? Without vision and action, you might become a mediocre performer and, worst of all, a low-income wage-earner.

Vision with action is what separates the true leaders from the followers. Each of us can visualize an outcome, but few can harness that resource. If you drive a motor vehicle on a regular basis, your vehicle certainly has been dirty and required a wash. Before washing it, you likely thought of what your vehicle would look like once it was spotlessly clean. There you have it — vision.

If all of us can visualize a positive outcome, why don’t more of us use it? I believe that the No. 1 reason is fear — fear of failure or maybe, fear of ridicule. Great leaders with vision know that many of their ideas may become failures, but they continue to strive toward their ultimate goal of success. Our country’s history is littered with famous individuals who failed several times before they succeeded.

No matter what stage you are at with your mortgage career, you can always improve. You first must decide your ultimate goal. In other words, you must visualize your future. Earning more income is the driving force for many people, but that may not be what motivates you — and what motivates you is what is going to make you successful.

No matter what your vision might be for your future as a mortgage professional, constructing a winning outcome will require help. Successfully conveying your vision to others is the true breaking point for most visionaries.

Don’t expect many people to come along for the ride. Remember: This is your vision of success, not theirs. Unless you can bring your vision to life through others, you probably are doomed to failure or, at least, a bumpy road. The mortgage business is not a solo act but is made up of a group of individuals working together to close loans successfully.

How do you convey your vision to others? Simply put, the answer is communication. When was the last time you asked your loan officers for input about how to make the business better and more efficient? What about your administrative staff? Do you have regular “brainstorming” meetings, or are your meetings bland and not informative? The cold, hard truth is that your employees probably don’t care if your business is successful unless they are part of your business’s success. Asking your employees and customers how you can improve is the best resource for making your business better — even better than consultants, which take time and money.

By soliciting their input, you will accomplish two things. First, you will cement the relationship between your employees, your clients and yourself because you will show that you value their opinions. Second, the information you receive, when put into action, will most likely drive your company toward success.

Vision is great for management, but what if you are a loan officer or part of the administrative staff? The same holds true for you; you must convey your vision of success to those who can help you achieve your goals.

Speak with your supervisor or your company’s management and tell them your vision for success. But remember, your vision must be an element of the overall company goals. If it is not, then you are wasting your time working there. If the management doesn’t care about your vision, it’s probably time to polish your résumé and search for a new job.

No matter what position you hold in the mortgage business, finding others who have similar visions for success as you could be a long and tenuous task. Visualize your success, decide on your plan and take the necessary steps and actions to bring your vision to fruition.


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