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   ARTICLE   |   From Scotsman Guide Residential Edition   |   April 2008

Putting the ‘Go’ in Mortgages

Additional sales generation is possible via mobile-business techniques

c_2008-04_hicks_spotSuccessful mortgage brokers are often natural salespeople. But in today’s competitive market, originating loans requires more than simply a winning personality. Origination can be tricky, and there are many places where a competitor can dissuade your customers or derail a closing.

Once you recognize that these obstacles exist, your next step is to prepare for handling them. One way you can get an edge on your competitors is by increasing your business’s level of mobility. Consumers are looking for ways to save time in the mortgage process, and you can meet this need.

By taking your advertising and services on the road, you can reach more prospects and help them become homeowners faster.

Mobile marketing

There are many economical and creative ways to convert your fixed office into a mobile workplace. You can start by using an important part of mobile technology: your vehicle. Here are two ways you can use your car to help you generate leads:

  1. Magnetic signs or car-toppers: Advertising your business on your car, truck or van allows you to promote your business while you drive and park. High-strength magnets secure these types of signs to the body or roof of your vehicle. Magnetic signs are visible, portable and won’t harm your vehicle’s paint. Car-toppers not only are noticeable during the day, but they also can be back-lit for high visibility at night.
  2. Vinyl wrap: This is a large advertisement produced on vinyl, which is then wrapped or placed around an entire vehicle -- even the top. This type of advertisement is not only big and bold, but it can also be creative and colorful. Although it’s not as economical as magnetic signs, it provides memorable branding power.

On the go

Marketing isn’t the only aspect of your business that can go mobile. You, as well as the tools you need to do your job, can hit the road as well.

Today’s mobile technology is equal to that of a conventional office -- but opposite in that it bypasses the need to be stationary.

By traveling with your computer and other mobile tools, you can come to clients, instead of requiring them to come to you. You are increasing your business’s convenience.

Going mobile also can help you accomplish two important business goals:

  • Getting away from your desk: Meeting your production goals shouldn’t be a matter of waiting for customers to walk through your door or relying on the phone to ring. You can be proactive. Abandon your comfort zone, get out into the trenches and hunt for your food if you want to eat. Deliver your message by meeting your customers on their turf and by reaching out to them before your competitors do.
  • Breaking from the pack: You may want to offer borrowers the lowest interest rates in town -- but so does every other broker. Because you can’t control market conditions, you must offer something else that will incite prospects to take action. As a mobile broker, you can give clients the convenience of doing business wherever they please.

Build a plan

Taking your business mobile is more of an art than a science. When it comes to sales, the more memorable your approach, the more lasting its impression. You may want to research available data about consumers and their time constraints. You can use this data to develop an action plan for taking your business mobile.

When you speak with customers about your business, be sure to highlight the extra benefits that they will receive when they choose you as their broker.

If you go mobile, remember to be realistic with your annual production projections. If your first-year projections are a bit lower than expected, determine what other sales activities or planned events you can participate in that will produce more leads.

•  •  •

Never underestimate your competitors. They are fishing from the same watering hole that you are, and in this web of indistinguishable vertical lines, everyone is using identical bait to attract business. But if prospects aren’t biting, don’t assume you need to change your lure. Instead, try distinguishing yourself from your competition by casting your line at a different angle.

Taking your business mobile allows you to offer the same loan products as you would in a traditional office but in a memorable way that will save your clients valuable time and effort.  


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