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   ARTICLE   |   From Scotsman Guide Residential Edition   |   February 2009

Emotional Stability Breeds Success

As you undoubtedly know, a career in the mortgage industry comes with a special set of challenges. Let’s take a look at some of the stressors that drain a broker’s energy and emotions and ways to handle them.


If you listen to the latest economic news, you’re bound to experience some fear. Although many brokers allow themselves to become immobilized by fear, overachievers turn fear into activity.

One way to do this is to reduce the amount of time you spend absorbing bad news. Spend that time working with clients instead.

The time you spend watching the news could be spent asking clients for referrals. This not only will keep you busy during the slow times, but it also could create new business. If that happens, the economy at large won’t be nearly as important as the client list sitting atop your desk.


Rejection is part of the mortgage business, but that doesn’t mean you’re being rejected personally. When you face rejection, it is your proposal that is being turned down. Often, the only reason for the rejection is bad timing.

Instead of taking it personally, treat every rejection as a learning experience.


Mortgage brokers work in the disappointment business. People will let you down. People will put you off. People will even lie to you. 

The key is to realize that you have chosen a field where you can make a huge income. It’s also a field where disappointment comes standard.

Accept disappointment and learn to let it go.


Guilt can be as immobilizing as fear. Mortgage brokers who dedicate themselves to achieving high levels of success often must work long days and make personal sacrifices.

As you do these things, some people will attempt to bring you down. The reality is that underachievers don’t like being around overachievers. Often, underachievers will discourage overachievers and try to make them feel guilty about how much time they spend working toward their goals.

This isn’t to say that you don’t need to maintain balance in your life. You do. The point is that surrounding yourself with fellow overachievers will help eliminate the negative vibes around you and increase your chances of finding success.

There is no reason to feel guilty about wanting to be successful. There are, however, plenty of reasons to feel guilty about not succeeding to your full potential.


Procrastination involves living for yesterday, avoiding today and ruining tomorrow. One way to avoid procrastination is to understand that is takes 21 days to create change. If you want to stop a bad habit or develop a new discipline, you must commit 21 consecutive days to it. By committing 21 days, you’ll gain strength and confidence and be able to eliminate procrastination from your life.

Live by these three words: “Do it now.” Whatever your weakness is, tackle it first thing in the morning. Do that same thing for 21 straight days and see how you feel.

Mortgage brokers who commit themselves to improving their emotional stability will be on track to achieve better balance in their lives and reach the professional heights they’ve always wanted.


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