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   ARTICLE   |   From Scotsman Guide Residential Edition   |   March 2012

5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook

Social media can be a valuable marketing tool — if used correctly

Marketing through social media is essential in any industry, and the mortgage industry is no exception. Brokers and originators who do not engage in Facebook, for instance — or use it incorrectly — are opting out of an important conversation that will continue regardless of their lack of participation.

This puts businesses that don’t use social media at a disadvantage against their competitors. Consider the following tips to use Facebook as an effective marketing tool for your business:

  1. Post relevant information. It’s acceptable to post facts about your company or even a link to your CEO’s blog, but be sure to also post other useful information related to the mortgage industry in general. A company that only promotes itself can be off-putting to fans and may encourage users to “unlike” the company’s Facebook page. To engage your fans in a way that they find relevant and informative, you should post only one self-promoting update each week.
  2. Don’t overpost. Many businesses are excited when they launch their Facebook page and begin posting several times per day. Be wary of this activity; when information is shared too often it can seem like a nuisance to subscribers. Consider posting every other day in order to avoid inundating your fans.
  3. Use other business pages to grow your fan base. You can share information with fans of other businesses by “liking” their pages and sharing information on their walls. For instance, if your brokerage plans to sponsor a continuing education class for Realtors, you can encourage local agents to sign up for the class — and become fans of your Facebook page — by announcing the class on the Facebook walls of local real estate offices. This will increase your company exposure while also encourage more users to “like” your page.
  4. Make use of Facebook advertising. Facebook’s highly customizable advertising options can help brokers and originators target very specific demographics with ad campaigns. A target market can be based on almost any information provided by Facebook users, such as age, location, gender, education and profession. If a campaign is optimized correctly and equipped with creative copy, $100 of marketing can effectively reach thousands of users in just one week.
  5. Include your Facebook URL in all of your company’s marketing collateral. Once your company’s page reaches 25 fans, you’ll be given a URL that’s short and easy to remember. It’s important to promote your Facebook address whenever possible to ensure that potential clients can find you easily. Your business also will convey a savvier image if people see that your marketing platform extends into social media.

While growing your Facebook page, remember that each and every fan is valuable. When you initially launch your page, you’re bound to see a large amount of growth in a short period of time as employees become fans and encourage their family and friends to do the same.

Try not to get discouraged once this initial interest subsides. Instead, focus on how valuable your current fans are, considering that they’ve basically chosen to give you their attention. With this in mind, they’re bound to read your information and forward what grabs their interest to their own networks.


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