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Residential Department: Featured Top Originator: Sean Logue: July 2013


Featured Top Originator: Sean Logue

Sean Logue, Trident Mortgage Co,: No. 9 Top Purchase Volume (2012)

For the past several years, refinances have comprised the bulk of many mortgage originators’ portfolios, but that may be changing soon. This past year, the economy strengthened on several fronts, and a stronger economy means a stronger purchase market

“What’s really been pushing the purchase market to us is the economy turning and jobs,” says Trident Mortgage Co.’s Sean Logue. “Once you get job stability, you really start to see the purchase market go up.”

Logue should know. This past year, he closed $89,817,979 in purchases alone — about 68 percent of his total volume of $132,929,604. Logue has long made purchases one of the primary focuses of his business, and recently, business has been taking off.Logue’s total volume this past year grew by more than $43 million compared to 2011, and his number of closed loans increased, as well.

Much of Logue’s business approach is decidedly customer-centric, and he says that this makes him an excellent fit for his organization — and for the purchase market

“In such a conservative market, you’re always navigating through hurdles and issues on a daily basis,” he says, “so I consider myself very fortunate that Trident Mortgage truly is a customer-first company and is willing to do whatever they can to makethe process easier on our customers."

In working with his clients, Logue is nothing if not hands-on; he makes a point of attending his customers’ settlements, for example, and he says that this extra effort often is appreciated by homeowners and his Realtor partners alike.

“It’s unbelievable how often you hear from agents, ‘I’m shocked you showed up to the settlement,’” Logue says. “That’s such an important time, so you want to make that lasting impression and be sure that your clients and your Realtors feel like they’regetting that special, personalized touch."

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