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Residential Department: Featured Top Originator: Dianne Crosby: July 2014


Featured Top Originator: Dianne Crosby

Dianne Crosby, RPM Mortgage Inc., No. 13 Top Dollar Volume (2013)

RPM Mortgage Inc.’s Dianne Crosby has no complaints about 2013. In a year when the refinance boom mostly ended and home purchases stalled nationally, Crosby managed the rare feat of increasing volumes over her 2012 total. She did it with a near even split between purchases and refinances.

“I had a lot of fun last year,” Crosby says. “I loved it. I loved the pace.”

Crosby works in the high-priced San Francisco Bay area where jumbo loans are the norm. Her average loan amount for the 384 loans she closed in 2013 was $491,828. Compared to 2012, she increased her volume by more than 18 percent to $188.9 million this past year.

“We are doing a lot of jumbo financing,” Crosby says. “We are considered a high-cost area in the San Francisco Bay Area. The big group now is getting a loan amount from anywhere from $600,000 to $1 million, and sellers are expecting to close quickly in three weeks or less. There are a lot of cash buyers.”

A self-described “economic junkie,” Crosby says she gets an intellectual charge out of watching the markets move. This past year, the most obvious change came about when the Federal Reserve began tapering its bond-buying program and mortgage rates began to rise, ending the lucrative refinance wave. Crosby says that although she is focusing on the purchase market this year, she believes people still will do refinances as they gain more equity in their homes.

“Right now about two thirds of my transactions are purchase transactions,” Crosby says.

Crosby says one challenge this year is closing loans in a competitive market where borrowers are competing against all-cash bidders.

“Right now I am experiencing a market with very little inventory and buyers who are becoming increasingly frustrated with the difficulty of getting air-tight offers accepted,” Crosby says.

“I had a client who came in third out of 21 offers. He was $200,000 over [the listing price], 15-day close and he was beat out by cash. The market is strong. There are a lot of buyers out there and those same 21 people still want to buy a house, so they are still looking.”  


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