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Residential Department: From the Editor: September 2014


From the Editor

It’s a brave new world for marketing.

The Internet has changed our lives in countless ways, and those changes are still coming. Today, you can manage your bank accounts with the click of a few buttons. You can buy and sell securities while sitting on a beach in Honolulu. You can order books, groceries, music and clothes from your tablet, and you can do so while simultaneously chatting with your cousin in Beijing.

Brave new world for marketing

But in addition to the ways that the Internet has affected how we purchase goods and communicate with others around the globe, the online world also has revolutionized the way that we conduct research. It seems like the Internet’s capabilities in this regard grow more expansive with each passing day, just as the sophistication of handheld devices grows increasingly robust.

What does this mean for originators? It means that you’ve got to rethink your marketing plans. It means that you can do more, and it means that your customers expect you to do more. And perhaps most significantly, it means that today’s homebuyers are just as busy looking for you as you are in looking for them.

This issue of Scotsman Guide has a special focus on marketing, and I couldn’t be happier with the articles we have to offer. Marketing goes beyond the search for new leads and new customers. It also relates to compliance matters, networking, building your brand and an array of other topics. In a sense, marketing has everything to do with the way you build your business itself.

This month’s lead feature takes a look at the specifics of advertising campaigns. Daryl Spector, founder of Customers On Demand, compares a marketing campaign to a three-legged stool. In designing their marketing efforts, Spector says, banks and brokerages should focus on three factors in particular: their marketing’s message, its medium and its market. Like a three-legged stool, if any of these “legs” is broken, the whole thing will come toppling down. Read Spector’s article on Page 27.

With marketing efforts come regulatory concerns, and Offit Kurman PA’s Daniella Casseres discusses exactly that in her article. More specifically, Casseres focuses on what mortgage companies should know when it comes to their use of social media. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are almost ubiquitous in today’s mortgage industry, so company executives should be well-aware of related rules and regulations. Be sure to check out Casseres’ article on Page 42.

Although this issue of Scotsman Guide pays special attention to marketing matters, as always this edition features a variety of other mortgage-related topics. For one, turn to Page 77 to read Andrew Leff’s feature on new-home loans. Leff, a national builder and renovation executive for Bank of America, discusses potential complications that can arise when originating new-home loans, a topic that many originators may find useful in today’s competitive purchase market. On Page 95, The Business Loan Connection’s Robert M. Rubin offers readers some reflection and advice on maintaining a high-quality reputation in the mortgage industry, something that’s vital regardless of the home market’s current composition.

I hope you enjoy these and our other articles as much as we do. As always, be sure to check out for additional content online, including our recently launched news section at Until next month.


Raymond Fleischmann was editor of Scotsman Guide's Residential Edition. For questions about this article, call (800) 297-6061 or e-mail

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