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Residential Department: From the Editor: October 2014


From the Editor

The march of technology goes on

And that march will keep going whether you like it or not. Technology has become an integral part of the mortgage industry, and that won’t change anytime soon. This issue of Scotsman Guide pays special attention to technology in the industry today, and we’ve got an excellent lineup of articles to offer.

For starters, check out our lead feature on Page 33. Beyond the Arc Inc.’s Steven J. Ramirez discusses how you can use publicly available homebuyer data to your advantage, not only in scouting the needs of potential new clients but also in researching what your competition is up to.

Quicken Loans’ Victoria Araj has an equally excellent article on Page 51, a piece in which she breaks down the benefits of blogging and how originators can get started. We’ve got plenty more on top of that, too — from a piece on Web design to an article about using technology to convert prospects into customers — so don’t miss any of this month’s great features and articles.

Beyond our content this month, there’s another reason why we’re especially excited about this issue of Scotsman Guide. You’ll notice — if you haven’t already — that both editions of our magazine have undergone substantial redesigns. We’ve put a lot of time and thought into reevaluating the look and feel of our magazines, and October’s editions mark the culmination of those efforts.

From the way our articles are laid out to our brand-new News Roundup section on Page 22, this issue of Scotsman Guide has a lot of fresh things to offer. Although this redesign was certainly a group effort, I’d like to take a moment to thank Scotsman Guide’s production team in particular. There’s no two ways around it: Without the tireless work of Creative Director Dennis Wunsch, Senior Designers Chuck Howard and Paula Douglass, and Designer Jeffrey Sabourin, there would be no Scotsman Guide at all. Although you won’t see their names in any bylines, month after month these are the folks who make the rest of us look good, and month after month the rest of us here at Scotsman Guide Media are amazed at the quality of the pages they put together.

 New look, new feel, new era — that’s what this issue of Scotsman Guide means to me. But the start of every new era also marks the end of another, and on that note I wanted to mention that this issue of Scotsman Guide is my last. With our 10-month-old baby in tow, my wife and I are moving back to southern Indiana to be closer to family.

I’ve deeply enjoyed my years at Scotsman Guide, and I’m proud of every issue I’ve worked on. Along with the thanks I’ve given to our wonderful production team, I also wanted to thank the incredible work — and friendship — of my editor in chief, Rania Efthemes, and Scotsman Guide Media’s managing principal, Brian Britton-Simmons. It’s been great working with Brian and Rania over the years, and I’ll sorely miss them and everyone else here at Scotsman Guide Media. Till we meet again!



Raymond Fleischmann was editor of Scotsman Guide's Residential Edition. For questions about this article, call (800) 297-6061 or e-mail

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