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Residential Department: Featured Top Originator: Roland Benson: November 2014


Featured Top Originator: Roland Benson

Roland Benson, imortgage, No. 9 Most Loans Closed (2013)

With a whopping 717 closed loans, Roland Benson of imortgage ranked ninth on our Top Originators list of most loans closed, and 19th on the topdollar volume list. His 2013 total dollar volume was more than $170 million, about 44 percent higher than his 2012 volume.

Benson had a banner year by focusing his attention on purchase loans, which accounted for almost 88 percent of his volume. “We identified that refi markets would eventually dry up or change,” Benson says. “We just tried to stay ahead of the game by making sure we were well-known in our area as a purchase originator.”

Benson’s area is Sacramento, California, which he says has a stable job market and good housing values that draw people to the area. He sees a lot of retirees coming to Sacramento from the San Francisco Bay Area looking for affordable retirement homes. In addition, Roseville, where his office is located, is just a short drive from the state capitol, and those government jobs help stabilize the local economy as well as the housing market.

Benson has his roots in the support side of the mortgage industry. He began his career in a community bank doing quality-control auditing. He climbed the ranks to become vice president of operations, with processing, underwriting and funding reporting to him. His start taught him how much work goes on behind the scenes. “I have a tremendous appreciation for those folks in our industry,” says Benson. “It is, in many cases, a thankless job and often the most important part of what we do. I’m thankful I work with a group that understands each role and that we can’t have one without the other.”

Benson made the switch from support to origination in 1996. Before joining imortgage in 2010, he worked for one of the largest publicly owned mortgage companies, one of the largest banks and one of the largest privately owned homebuilders in the industry.

 “I’ve seen all different sides of banking and mortgage banking,” he says. “I’m thankful where I landed. imortgage is the best of all those worlds.”

Through his career Benson learned that mortgage professionals have to expect and anticipate change — and find an organization that embraces that concept. “If you enjoy change, then the mortgage-banking industry is the place to be,” he says. “In my 25 years of doing this, there’s never been a period of time when I [got] bored. And I enjoy that.”


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