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Residential Department: Featured Top Originator: Todd Sheinin: February 2015


Featured Top Originator: Todd Sheinin

Todd Sheinin, New America Financial, No. 5 Top FHA Volume (2013)

Todd Sheinin got his start in the mortgage industry at an early age, when the owner of the company he still works for was out recruiting young sales people. According to Sheinin, “He actually came in and met a friend of mine at an enterprise and tried to talk [my friend] into coming to work for him.”

Luckily for Sheinin, his friend wasn’t an extrovert and knew he didn’t have what it took to go into sales, so he handed the business card to Sheinin. “I called and got hired on the spot,” Sheinin says. “It was sales, and I’ve always had an affinity for sales.”

But it was more than just an outgoing personality that took Sheinin from that initial sales job 14 years ago to the position of chief operating officer at New America Financial, his long-time boss’s newest company.

“I wanted to be the guy who could do everything,” he says. “I didn’t want to have to rely on other people to get my loans done and take care of my clients.”

Sheinin adds that when he saw how long other people had to work on his files, he made a conscious effort to learn every step of the process so he could step in when needed.

“As I started moving up the ladder, I made sure I knew how to do everything,” he says. “I taught myself everything there is to make myself as valuable as possible.”

His boss saw that value, taking Sheinin with him when he split off and created New America Financial, which Sheinin describes as a having a real family atmosphere. “We’re not one of the bigger banks or huge players,” he says. “We have the opposite of a corporate philosophy.”

That smaller size and tighter focus has allowed New America to try different things, including their advertised ability to close loans in just eight days, which Sheinin pioneered at the company. “That’s the fastest we can legally close them,” he says, “and we’re getting them done that quickly.”

But when it comes to first-time homebuyers, Sheinin understands that he needs to spend extra time helping clients get through the process, which is likely why he excels at Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans.

“I love first-time homebuyers,” he says. “I want them to always feel that they can ask me anything at any time, so they’re entirely comfortable throughout the process. FHA loans are great for clients like that.”

Helping people get into homes is what really drives Sheinin. “This is a tremendous business,” he says. “I never could have imagined loving something as much as I love this — [being] able to help everybody and actually do something good for people, while at the same time I can take care and support my family. It’s a true win-win, in my opinion.”


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