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   ARTICLE   |   From Scotsman Guide Residential Edition   |   April 2015

Going Green From the Roots Up

Eco-friendly business practices benefit the bottom line and the environment

Today, more and more companies are going green by reducing their carbon footprints and eliminating waste in their production processes. Although mortgage companies may not need to deal with industrial waste, some are certainly doing their part in setting a “green” example in the workplace.

In the world of recycling, every little bit helps even  if you feel it may be a small contribution. And mortgage companies can easily identify ways, small and large, that can impact their carbon footprint, whether  it’s by recycling paper goods and using reusable break room supplies or adopting systems to allow for  paperless mortgages.

Going green has multiple benefits for companies as well as individuals, including reducing costs, helping the environment and maintaining ethical and responsible business practices. You can incorporate a green philosophy into your daily life as well as your company’s workplace culture by adopting the following  simple steps:

Hit the lights

This is such a simple way to conserve energy and consumable resources that we rarely think twice about it, although people still need to be reminded to turn off excess lights. Shutting off bathroom, closet or conference room lights when they are not in use is a huge way to conserve. You can even take it a step further by unplugging appliances — at home and in the office — that aren’t in constant use. Many people don’t realize that most modern appliances still draw energy when plugged in, even when they are not in use.

Buy reusable supplies

Supplying the break room or kitchen area of your office with reusable supplies such as ceramic plates and mugs, reusable, hard-plastic cups and stainless steel flatware instead of disposable plastic or paper supplies is a good way to reduce waste. Commuters may want to consider using washable travel mugs on their way  to work rather than Styrofoam cups and plastic lids.

Back up virtually

Rather than wasting reams and reams of paper on back-ups, try using external hardware devices or cloud storage. The information will be more accessible and easier to share with others and will reduce the use of files and large file cabinets that can take up space in your home and office.

Recycle — don’t throw away

Instead of throwing old furniture, office machines and appliances into the dumpster, you can recycle or repair them. Repair and restoration is often a much cheaper route than replacement anyway. When you do have to replace items, consider buying recycled pieces  instead of splurging on high-priced, new furniture. This can save you a lot of money while you go green. If you must buy new furniture or appliances, consider donating your old stuff instead of throwing it out.

Invest in eco-friendly supplies

You can find eco-friendly light bulbs, toner, ink, binders, pens, paper and more. Some of these supplies are sometimes cheaper than their regular alternatives, which will save you money. Start by researching green products for your home and office to find the best products options that will save money and energy.

Encourage recycling

Setting up recycling stations in your home and in various locations throughout your office will encourage family members and employees to choose recycling over throwing away spent items. Recycle bins also make the task of putting out the trash much easier  because everything is already organized.

•  •  •

Going green can provide countless benefits at home and in the workplace in addition to the benefits these efforts will bring to the environment. The steps  outlined here are an easy way to get started. Being green and conserving supplies and energy are beneficial for everyone, no matter how big or how small.


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