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Residential Department: From the Editor: September 2015


From the Editor

Stand out in a sea of choices r_2015-09_FTE_spot

Lately, I’ve been reading a biography of Johnny Carson. Reading some of the stories about the King of Late-Night TV prompted me to listen to one of my favorite albums, a collaboration between Frank Sinatra and Count Basie, live in Las Vegas.

I was born after Basie, Carson and Sinatra were at their peak, but something about them, and the times in which they entertained America, constantly fascinates me. The effortless way they carried themselves, the tuxedos and fine clothes they and their adoring fans wore — it all reminds me of a classier, easier time.

Options were fewer. Choices were simpler. Times were different. Not necessarily better or worse — just different.

Today, there are options everywhere, from the television shows we watch, to the clothes we wear, to the food we eat (somehow, I doubt Carson spent much time in the grocery store, debating whether he should get firm or extra-firm tofu).

That extends to the service providers we work with — including mortgage originators. With a simple online search, potential homebuyers are likely to find hundreds of mortgage professionals who can potentially get their business. How can you stand out?

This is what makes marketing important.

It affords you a chance to reach out to the right people and communicate the right message. It could be the difference between homebuyers not knowing you exist and homebuyers giving you their business. This month in Scotsman Guide, we dive into marketing, exploring how it can help you and your business grow.

Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools available, but there are right and wrong ways to approach these tools. In this month’s lead article, Kristi Kovalak offers three key points that mortgage professionals can use to effectively promote themselves. Find those points in “3 Steps to Master Social Media,” starting on Page 33.

For more on this month’s focus, flip to Page 40 for Laura Martell’s article, “Niche Marketing is an Exacting Art,” and to Page 114 for Anisa Johnson’s article, “Build a Better Brand,” which effectively explains the difference between branding and marketing — and why you need to do both.

Boomerang buyers, those whose credit is finally bouncing back after the 2008 housing crash, are set to become an important segment of the homebuying population in coming years. Some of them, however, may still need some help in restoring their credit to where it needs to be. In her article on Page 57, “The Return of Better Credit,” Alisa Glutz of Cherry Creek Mortgage Co. mentions ways that mortgage professionals can raise their clients’ scores, while also raising their professional profile.

In addition, John Wiseman (Page 71) lays out options that you can present to low-downpayment homebuyers. On Page 52, Joe Mardesich writes about the possibilities available to residential mortgage professionals when they dip their toes into the commercial-loan pool. And that just scratches the surface of what we have within these pages.

So slip on your nicest clothes, throw on some Sinatra and enjoy this month’s edition of Scotsman Guide. Hopefully, it will make your life a little simpler — and a lot more profitable.


Rob Crow was online content editor for Scotsman Guide Media. For questions regarding this article, e-mail

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