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   ARTICLE   |   From Scotsman Guide Residential Edition   |   September 2015

Make Your Sales Team Unstoppable

By hiring the right blend of people, your goals become easier to attain

Have you ever been part of a dynamic team that seemed unstoppable? It’s a great feeling when each individual’s skills, personalities and specialties come together perfectly to create ongoing success.

Sometimes, however, finding a great team that can work collectively toward one goal can seem challenging. To build a successful team, you need to understand what your company’s position and needs are so that you can find the right fit. Here are some things to consider before you start searching for your exceptional sales team.

Who do you want?

Before you even begin to build your sales team, you need to determine the type of person that will thrive in your company’s culture. After you figure this out, you  need to determine the platform that you are selling to the sales force and deliver that.

Operations, support, marketing and sales platforms should all be set up with specific goals and outcomes in mind. You can then recruit people who are seeking the same results and who believe that your platform will get them there. It’s all about finding individuals who believe in the same mission and goals as your company.

Who has the right qualities?

When you’re looking for the best people to complete your team, you want those people to have it all. Although you could probably come up with a huge list of qualities that you desire in a team member, it can be helpful to narrow it down to two or three of the most important ones.

For example, having team members who are passionate, optimistic and who strive for growth in everything they do is important when working directly with customers. High-quality service and support are what work in the mortgage business. The qualities you may seek in a potential team member, however, will vary greatly, depending on your company’s mission.

Who will fit in?

Questions to ask when building a sales team

  • Who do you want on your team?
  • Who has the right qualities?
  • Who will fit in with your team?
  • Who will bring something different?

If individuals cannot work well with the people who support them every day, they are not going to succeed within a company. The best originators are team players who understand how important each step of the process is and how teamwork is the lifeline of the company. Even if just one individual isn’t on board with the team, the entire process can suffer, which will be reflected in the company’s overall performance.

Working well with others is a huge part of being a successful team, but that does not necessarily mean the team lacks constructive and useful competition. Healthy competition between team members pushes all team members to reach their potential. It is a vital aspect of any team, as long as it plays out in a positive and enjoyable way. Depending on your company, you may want an environment that is more or less competitive, but you should always strive for an environment that fosters respect between individuals.

Who brings something different?

Another vital part of creating a great team is to consider different skills, ages and experience levels. It may be smart to create a well-rounded team with some less-experienced employees who grow as the industry shifts and as older employees slow down or exit. By doing this, you can ensure that your team is always learning and growing, regardless of your turnover rate.

By having a team with varying levels of experience, different skills and perspectives can be brought to the table. If you’re quick to rule out less-experienced individuals, stop and think about how you may be missing a fresh outlook or extensive knowledge of newer concepts. Individuals of all levels can learn from each other and keep things innovative.

It’s an ongoing process

The most important thing to understand when building a great sales team is this: The process never ends. Building a team, — or a company for that matter — is one big, ongoing project. Unfortunately, you’re never going to sit down one day and say: “That’s it. I’m done. My team and company are complete.”

As your company is constantly changing, so are the individuals and teams who work in it. Paying close attention to everything within your company can help you find the right people to help build it even further.

Putting together a valuable sales team isn’t a one-stop process. Consider taking a good look at your company’s values and big-picture goals before deciding to bring a new group on board. Finding the perfect team takes time and patience, but the right people are out there. 


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