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   ARTICLE   |   From Scotsman Guide Residential Edition   |   September 2015

Screencast Your Way to Success

Utilizing videos can change the way you deliver content to clients, and the way they feel about you


It’s common knowledge that people like to do business with people they know, like and trust. People are easier to know, more likable and more trustworthy when communicating with video. The message is simply better received. The reason for increased receptivity can be explained with a study conducted by UCLA Professor Albert Mehrabian in the 1960s.

Mehrabian’s study has to do with the communicator’s feelings and attitudes as they are reflected in his or her diction. The study’s meaning is usually over-simplified because of the results, but it was about how feelings and attitudes are conveyed in spoken communication. What is surprising about the study’s results is just how little the words themselves matter when compared to how those words are delivered:   

  •  7 percent of a message’s content pertaining to feelings and attitudes is conveyed in the words that are spoken.
  •  38 percent of a message’s content pertaining to feelings and attitudes is conveyed in voice tone and inflection.
  •  55 percent of a message’s content pertaining to feelings and attitudes is conveyed through facial expression.

This is not to say that the written word or telephone communications are not effective, appropriate or necessary. Of course they are. It does, however, suggest that when the visual aspect has been removed, you run the risk of misinterpretation, miscommunication or not delivering your full message.

Given all the detail that goes into thoroughly explaining a mortgage loan, it is common to prepare lengthy e-mails that are a chore to write and tiresome to read. Add in the occasional typo, and it can be exasperating for customers to read. Keep in mind this happens before we start asking them to document every bit of income and every asset.

The good news is that this experience can be made more pleasant. By using video as your new delivery method, you can make a first, recurring and lasting impression on the families you wish to help.

The screencast experience

One of the most effective ways to employ video is using screencasting technology to explain loan options and the loan process in general. Screencasting allows you to show a video of your computer screen (say, filling out an online loan application on your website) while narrating what is happening on the monitor.

There are several screencasting platforms available, but regardless of which one they choose, originators owe it to themselves, their referral partners and their clients to use this technology. Without it, explaining loans isn’t nearly as effective, and you don’t have the optimal impact on potential customers.

With the video screencast, customers can hear the care in your voice and experience their own private tutorial so that they come away from it more knowledgeable, enlightened and confident. Customers feel educated, not sold — and their compliments and appreciation is all the validation you need.

No more excuses

So, why don’t more loan originators use video? These are four common excuses that mortgage originators use to justify not using this technology:

  1. “Yikes! Do I really sound and look like that? I have a great photo from my 20s somewhere and an incredible shower-singing voice that tells a different story than that lying video screen...”
  2. “What makes you think I’m an expert and that anyone would want to listen to me, let alone watch me?”
  3. “I don’t have time for this. I don’t want to hassle with editing videos, uploading them and memorizing scripts.”
  4. “I don’t want to look stupid.”

First off, yes, you do look and sound like that, every day to everyone you meet. The only person surprised by the person on screen is you. It is time to meet, face to face, the person that you have presented to the world for years: the person who offers expert advice and knows more about the loan process than the clients.

A well-done video that describes and explains loan scenarios is the gift that keeps on giving. It will not only wow your customers, but they will often share it with their Realtor, who will be equally impressed and will want you to prepare similar presentations for other clients. Those buyers might share it with their parents, who are assisting with the downpayment, and now the parents are impressed. It is an ongoing loan infomercial that advertises how awesome you are and gets replayed over and over.

A well-done video that describes and explains
loan scenarios is the gift that keeps on giving.

A feature is also available that will send you an e-mail every time a customer clicks on and views your video. Remember those clients you prequalified five months ago, who weren’t quite ready to buy yet and then slid off the radar screen? Of course not, but that’s not a problem now, because you just got an e-mail notification after they clicked on your video link. They might be getting more serious about buying now, so this is a good time to call them, to see how they are doing and ask if they’re still looking for home financing. This call freaks them out (in a good way) every time.

Beyond screencasting

There are other effective applications for video, all of which can help you convey a message of caring for your clients while educating them.

Several great apps make it easy to provide a more enriching experience for your customers and help you to retain prospective buyers. These apps also let you know when your videos have been watched so you can see who is paying attention to your messages, which can help you understand their consumption habits better. Here are some ways you can connect with your clients using these apps:

  • Send birthday and holiday greetings.
  • Send messages to homebuyers actively looking for homes on the weekend to keep them encouraged and reaffirm that you are with them.
  • Send messages to Realtors to give them weekend updates on the purchases in process. Send messages to your referral partner and the listing agent to keep them in the loop and so they get to know you, your face and your voice, increasing their comfort level with you.

Invite repeat customers to do an annual review of their mortgage, even if nothing needs to be changed. At least they know you are still watching out for them and managing their mortgage like you promised. With your face literally in their face, you are creating a bigger impression to earn future business and referrals from them.

•  •  •

Video brings a whole new feeling to the mortgage business, and although facts tell, it’s feelings that sell. Without question, using video is one of the single biggest steps you can take to increase your business, as it takes the one-dimensional delivery method of e-mail and makes it a richer, three-dimensional experience that adds sound and vision. This will result in more conversions — and that should give you a feeling that is worth smiling about. 


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