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   ARTICLE   |   From Scotsman Guide Residential Edition   |   September 2017

Supporting Success

Your mortgage company’s marketing should carry your career forward

Supporting Success

It takes several characteristics to be a great loan originator. An originator needs drive, tenacity, a hint of charm, an ability to make strong connections with people in a limited period of time and the capability to market themselves.

When looking for a mortgage company to either launch or continue your career, it is important to research beyond salary, benefits, bonuses and company perks. Free lunch and an office ping pong table may be nice, but they won’t help you close loans. Marketing support is one of the most important tools a mortgage company can provide to its originators to help carry them forward into a successful career.

Today, most mortgage companies have grasped the concept of high-impact marketing to increase business. If they don’t have the right marketing tools, however, a loan originator’s success can be fleeting.

This is not to say that originators should rely solely on the marketing strategies provided by a particular company. It is vital to first have a strong business plan as well as a personal marketing strategy. You need to know who you are and be able to brand and sell yourself. If you can do that, and have the additional support of marketing resources provided by a mortgage company, you will find success.

That being said, finding the right company with the right marketing support can be a challenge. A small mortgage company simply may not have the budget to provide quality support to its originators. On the other hand, some larger, well-established mortgage companies may have so many marketing tools that they become overwhelming — possibly even overlooked — and consequently not utilized to their fullest extent.

By doing your research and interviewing with a variety of mortgage companies, you can find the right fit. A few key features to look for during your search include: marketing, social media support, advertising and technology.


This may be the most crucial aspect of mortgage lending. A successful mortgage company should provide strong marketing support to ensure the success of its originators. End of story.

But, what kind of support should be provided? For starters, quality marketing materials and resources should be available to originators for co-branding opportunities, so they can advertise themselves and the mortgage company using flyers, postcards, digital-media advertising and print ads.

Next, support staff. Who do you approach to bounce ideas off of or to ask compliance-related questions? It is key for a company to have experienced staff as a go-to for all things related to marketing — a staff that works directly with advertising vendors and can assist in setting up a variety of advertising opportunities for originators to tap into.

This staff should include creative graphic designers who build marketing materials that are readily available and can be personalized to each originator’s needs, and a knowledgeable management team that is accessible for questions relating to compliance.

Social media

Here is a news flash: It’s the 21st century and social media is huge. There’s no way of getting around it. If you’re uncomfortable posting your image or catchy phrases to market yourself, get over it. Social media is the way of the world today.

Tapping into various markets to brand yourself is key to your success. The largest population of up-and-coming homebuyers is now the millennial generation and they definitely monopolize the social media world. If you’re going to tap into the millennial market, you must be on social media. Most companies realize this and will typically provide support to help originators get a website set up.

Finding the right company with the right marketing support can be a challenge.  

Some companies take this a step further and provide auto-generated drip-marketing posts that go directly to your page using creatively designed co-branded flyers intended to capture a variety of audiences, a.k.a. your online “friends.” A good company also will provide support to help you better understand each social media platform — how they can benefit you and your brand — and assist in deciding which best suits you and your business plan.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are excellent platforms to sell your brand. Optimize your potential and use these platforms to their fullest extent to advertise you, your success and your company — and to interact with real estate agents, vendors and borrowers. People want to know what you do and how you do it, and social media is a perfect way to advertise without overselling.


Although social media may be the most impactful method of branding yourself, conventional advertising is still key to being a successful loan originator. Videos, digital-media ads, print ads in magazines and newsletters, flyers, billboards, radio and television ads all should be accessible to help you build your business.

Many companies already have databases with preapproved, compliant and easily individualized marketing templates that can be designed around your brand and your target market. Some mortgage companies also may provide a specific advertising budget to each originator to offset costs.

At some point in your career, you may be required to share the cost as your advertising expenses increase, but many companies typically provide a specified budget to reduce the financial burden. Find the type of advertising that suits you and your brand, and use everything your company offers to increase the number of loans you close.


Another key to your professional success is having the best technology available to you in the mortgage industry. Top-producing mortgage companies typically are aware of this and try to stay up to date on the latest in technological advances.

An incredibly effective tech item to look for in a company is whether they have a quality and user-friendly customer relationship management, or CRM, system in place. A good CRM allows originators to send auto-generated e-mails to keep clients informed about the loan process. The right system enables originators to maintain communication with borrowers while staying in compliance.

Communication is key in the mortgage industry, and having the technology to back it up can make a significant difference in generating leads, as well as in developing and maintaining lasting relationships with borrowers, Realtors and other important referral sources.

•  •  •

There are many ways to enhance your career and launch yourself into success. Choosing the best mortgage company that fits your personality and your business plan is vital. By doing your research, asking the important questions and making sure the company you choose will provide you with all the tools necessary, you will ensure your own success.


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