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   ARTICLE   |   From Scotsman Guide Residential Edition   |   November 2018

Video Connects People in the Mortgage Business

Get your message across while personalizing yourself and your company

The mortgage business can be brutal. Industry veterans are always looking over their shoulders at the market, the rates, the competition and now the internet. They need a magic weapon to overcome being taken over.

One mortgage professional recently expressed concern, like many real estate agents, that the internet is taking over the business, much like what happened with travel agents. He’s got it all wrong. If he builds real, solid relationships and makes himself a valuable asset in the homebuying process for his clients, he won’t need to worry.  r_2018-11_VonHoffman_spot

Buying a home is a big purchase and needs a human element. Handholding goes a long way. Mortgage professionals bring that human touch that internet bots can’t. The challenge is getting across the idea that you are more valuable than just quoting loans and figures.

One way to do this is to be creative in your marketing and presentations. Video is an amazing, inexpensive marketing tool and something to really help you become more valuable and to stand out. The great thing about video is once you master the basics, you can create many different ways to help build solid relationships.

Basics of video

Before you take your first shot, make sure to get these items in order before you begin. The first is branding. Know who you are and what you do well, and practice saying that quickly. Remember, it’s about what your client finds valuable.

Brand all of the video you send out for social media with your company name and logo, your name and contact information. Your video will most likely be shared on your client’s social media, and you want their friends and family to call you.

Understand where you will post your video. Make sure you have a YouTube account for your business, and become a master at uploading video to the site. You’ll also need Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter accounts. (Make sure you separate your personal social media accounts from your professional ones.) Another way to get your video in front of clients is by e-mail.

For top-quality video, you’ll want to have good equipment. That can be a video camera with a stand. Today’s phones actually offer very professional quality video. Consider getting a video stabilizer to shoot shots like a pro. (Zhiyun-Tech makes a variety of them that work well.) You’ll also need video-editing software where you can include your brand.

When shooting video, aim to keep it as short as possible. You can get your message across in under two minutes or three if it’s an introduction video. Your video will most likely be shared on social media, so make sure not to share personal facts or too much information. Get written permission to use client video.

Greetings and salutations

Now that we’ve gone over some of the basics, let’s talk about what type of video you should shoot. First, you need an introduction video that speaks to who you are, what you do and why someone should want to work with you. 

You may want create three or four different intro videos. One each for prospects, new buyers, builders and Realtors. Before you sit in front of the camera, make sure you have a script that you’ve practiced, so you sound natural. It should include things that make you special, a compelling reason why they should choose you, a call to action and a quick bio that speaks to who you are and tells a little about your company.

Videos can be your chance to explain to the homebuyer what may be an unfamiliar process. Tell them what to expect at each stage.

While we are on introductions, one idea to consider is having a team-introduction video with all of your team members speaking briefly about themselves, their years of expertise, what they do and when the client may expect to hear from them. This is a great idea to personalize your valuable team. 

A follow-up video is what can make you stand out from the competition on the internet. Most clients feel ignored when they fall into the long, rigorous mortgage process. Your videos are going to make them feel differently, however.

Make sure that you tailor these videos for the audience. Have some ideas for what you would send builders and Realtors. Also, have some ideas planned for videos that you’ll send to homebuyers.

Engage your audience

There are plenty of opportunities to send video to builders and Realtors. Consider sending a short video thank-you after initially meeting them and telling them that you can’t wait for the follow-up. Promise that you’ll exceed their expectations.

When they send you a new client, thank them in a video and promise that you’ll take care of the client going forward. Send them a weekly update on the progress of files. If you are on-site with an agent doing an open house or community coverage, do a video of the home with the agent and share it on your social media platforms.

Other ideas include video testimonials of happy clients or closing ceremonies with their clients. You also can send a video that shows new products, market updates, special programs, learning activities or upcoming seminars.

For the homebuyer, send a thank-you video where you tell them that you can’t wait to make this dream come true for them. Remind them of anything you need or asked them to send in after the loan application.

These videos can be your chance to explain to the homebuyer what may be an unfamiliar process. Tell them what to expect at each stage. Discuss different products and how each one works, the fees and costs, the basics about gifts, saving money and advise against them taking out credit or changing jobs during the loan process.

Video can be a great way to give updates on the process of the loan. (This video can be shared with builders and real estate agents.) Even if there isn’t an update, a short video to let them know that everything is moving forward helps keep them from fretting. If the home is being built new, you can give a weekly video update while also talking about the builder and your experience working with them.

These videos also can be an opportunity to request future referrals from your clients’ friends and family. You can ask them for a video testimonial about your services, which you can share with your builder or real estate partners.

Make sure that you shoot video of the emotional moment in which your borrowers take possession of their new home, the video of them opening their front door or cutting the red ribbon you put on their porch. This can be a chance to tell them how happy you are that they are in the home of their dreams.

Your clients are purchasing the most expensive thing in their lives, a home. That experience will always be exciting. So, give them videos of their home or updates as many times as you can. It’s a big deal to them. Once they receive your video, they will most likely share it on social media. How brilliant are you?

•  •  •

Utilizing video can be a game changer for you as a mortgage originator and will help set you apart from your competitors on the internet. It’s your boots on the ground. When used with your other marketing tools and with the right tactics and strategies, video can become your secret weapon in the struggle to gain attention online from the right audience: your future clients.


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