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Residential Department: From The Editor: April 2019


From The Editor

The next wave of homebuyers is a green one

r_2019-04_FTEForget about saving the planet. Do whatever you want on your own time. Throw the cans in the recycling. Order an Impossible Burger if you want. Turn down the thermostat and put on a sweater if that makes you happy.

When it comes to your success as a mortgage originator, the first and last rule should be to do what needs to be done to keep the doors open. You have too much depending upon you to do otherwise, especially in this business climate.

Still, consider this: Millennials are expected to account for 45 percent of new mortgages in 2019. Baby boomers, if the projections are right, will have only a 17 percent share. A large majority of millennials believe businesses should make a positive impact on society and the environment, according to a survey by accounting and consulting firm Deloitte.

Will grand pronouncements made to survey makers translate to everyday action? Will millennials and Generation Z make choices about who they do business with — and how they spend their money — based on these professed values? Will that seep down to who they choose as their mortgage provider?

It probably should be something to factor in when you develop your business plan and worry about how to keep the lights on, even if the electricity for those lights comes from a coal-fired power plant. Keep this in mind while you thumb through this edition of Scotsman Guide, which focuses on green practices.

On Page 77, Justin Schwing of Planet Home Lending writes that mortgage originators should adopt a green philosophy to appeal to the increasingly environmentally conscious borrower. On Page 100, Nathan Rufty of Mortgage Marketing Pros writes that originators who become experts on so-called “green mortgages” can attract a steady flow of business.

When talking about the green movement, cutting down on paper is generally considered a good thing. On Page 110, Michelle B. Peel of IWCO Direct makes the argument that print advertising can be effective and environmentally friendly if done right.

Of course, the April magazine also is the time to honor the most productive mortgage brokers and bankers in the nation. Top Originators 2018, our 10th annual rankings, is the most comprehensive and intensely verified list of top-producing mortgage originators in the nation. This year, more than 5,200 people entered the rankings, up from 3,000 last year. Read about them starting on Page 36.

In other articles, Richard Lombardi of Attom Data Solutions writes on Page 93 about automated valuation models, which are computer models that give instant property valuations. He explores how these can help generate business for mortgage originators.

On Page 103, Castle & Cooke Mortgage’s Mike Querrey writes about the contradictory nature of the U.S. economy: Home values are high and unemployment is low but the mortgage industry as a whole is suffering. He suggests that lenders and originators must work hand in hand to succeed in this environment.

On Page 118, AAG’s Jesse Allen writes about how jumbo reverse mortgages can be a tool used by the well-off, not just the super rich, to build and preserve wealth.


Jim Davis is editor of Scotsman Guide Residential Edition. Reach him at (800) 297-6030 or

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