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September 2005 Articles


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Inside Scotsman Guide’s residential edition, you’ll find all the tools that make our monthly, national magazine the leading resource for residential mortgage originators.

Our monthly departments include our award-winning Spotlight, which highlights a different state each month; columns from the Mortgage Bankers Association, RealtyTrac, Zillow and more; and in-depth looks at the news shaping the industry in our BackSpace feature.

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Setting the Table
Minority markets are growing, but brokers must choose the proper products to tap them
By Patricia McClung, vice president of housing and community investment, Freddie Mac

7 Tips for Building a Warehouse Relationship
The key to securing a successful warehouse line is to start with a solid foundation
By Ken Logan, executive vice president and chief operating officer, NovaStar Capital Inc.

Shades of Gray
As the market shifts, the difference between prime, nonprime and Alt-A products are no longer black and white
By Kirk Smith, president and co-founder, SouthStar Funding

Inflated Appraisals: The Linchpin of Loan Fraud
The FBI takes ‘fraud-for-profit’ seriously — can you?
By Jennifer Stokley, attorney, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

One-Stop Shopping
Lenders are gaining steam by offering a growing number of products under one roof
By Kurt Mason, divisional sales manager, Novelle Financial Services; and Todd Kesterson, divisional sales manager, Novelle Financial Services

Building with Builders
Gaining construction-loan referrals requires strong choices with lenders and builders
By Craig Peterson, vice president, Webster Bank’s National Wholesale Division

Finding the Right Fit
Interest-only and hybrid-ARM products are flooding the market — but for the proper borrowers?
By William J. Lopez, director of mortgage banking, Wholesale Lending Online

Get in the No
No one likes rejection. But the best brokers out there are able to turn it into an opportunity
By Bliss Sawyer, president, Mortgage Marketing Strategies

Want That Borrower? Start with Your Appraiser
‘Locking out’ your competition by involving your appraiser early in the loan process can prove wise
By Brian Blanchard, chief operations officer,

Networking: It’s More Than Casual Conversation
Meeting people can be easy — and it can help you market your business
By Christopher D. Nickerson, chief executive officer, TrainingPro

Count It on Your Fingers
The loan process can be broken into eight simple steps that lead to success
By Rajiv Sharma, real estate financial consultant and loan originator, InterBank Mortgage Corp.

Out of Paper
Creating collaborative networks is the key to going paperless in the mortgage industry
By Judson Phillips, director of product marketing, Advectis Inc.

The Internet Has Changed — Has Your Marketing?
Blogs, RSS feeds and podcasts are just a few ways to get your word out online
By Mark Boersma, president, Synergy Solutions, Inc.

From Zero to Perfect
The secret to successful loan servicing is having a solid system in place
By Tim Braheem, CEO, LoanToolbox

When Telemarketing, Get Choosy
Look for a number of key factors when determining sources for quality leads
By Michael Bococinski, founder,

A is for Attitude
In sales, your enthusiasm and excitement spell out your destiny
By Tom Hopkins, sales trainer,

Loan Processing Overseas
Is offshore outsourcing worth trying?
By Joe Machado, president, E-OPS Loan Processing

What’s Your Deal?
The toughest part of lenders’ jobs often is finding out what brokers really want
By Greg Schroeder, president, Comergence Compliance Monitoring

5 Keys to Success
This business is about more than money — here are its obvious secrets
By Jim L. McIntosh, operations manager, Blarney Stone Funding Inc.

What Happened to ‘Thank You’?
Your clients gave you business; now it’s time to offer something in return
By Brian S. Wallace, senior vice president, HSBC Mortgage

Opening Doors to Closing
Recognizing customer needs and a 7-step process can lead to stronger, more-plentiful deals
By Joseph Corno, consultant, We Be Consulting and Seminars

The Force is with You
You don’t need leads handed to you — they’re everywhere you look
By Brian L. Peart, president, Nexus Financial Group Inc.

Lighter Side of Lending: Centralize to Desensitize
Everything’s in one place? Great. If only it weren’t so hard to reach
By Gordon Schlicke, mortgage trainer, Seattle

Defer Everything but Risk
Don’t want your clients to retire penniless? Prepare them for the future by investing in the present
By D. Jed Wunderli, branch manager, Meridias Capital

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