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February 2007 Articles


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Inside Scotsman Guide’s residential edition, you’ll find all the tools that make our monthly, national magazine the leading resource for residential mortgage originators.

Our monthly departments include our award-winning Spotlight, which highlights a different state each month; columns from the Mortgage Bankers Association, RealtyTrac, Zillow and more; and in-depth looks at the news shaping the industry in our BackSpace feature.

Each month also brings you contributed articles from industry experts with information on how to stay compliant, build your business and excel in the mortgage industry.




From the Top
By Geary Britton-Simmons, founder, Scotsman Guide Media, Inc

Q&A: Frank Nothaft, Freddie Mac
Frank Nothaft, Chief Economist, Freddie Mac
By Ivanna C. Sukkar, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Helping Hands: American Guardian Home Loans
Each month, Helping Hands features a mortgage professional or group that has volunteered to lend a hand to others in need
By Ivanna C. Sukkar, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Spotlight: San Diego
By Ivanna C. Sukkar, editor, Scotsman Guide Media




Reverse-Mortgage Counseling: The Right Moves
Understanding the steps of a reverse-mortgage-counseling session can help you better communicate with borrowers
By Susan Bierly-Craig, HUD coordinator, Springboard Non-Profit Consumer Credit Management Inc.

Explore the Land of Multifamily
When venturing into multifamily business, brokers should learn the requirements and terminology
By Vernon Morrison, president, Lighthouse Commercial Mortgage

4 Key Trends to Watch
As the year progresses, it’s essential to keep an eye on notable industry developments
By Karl Young, founding member and chief operating officer, First Magnus

Multifamily: It Feels Like Home
With familiar characteristics, multifamily lending can be an easy transition for residential brokers
By Michael Boggiano, national sales manager, Silver Hill Funding

You and Your Lender, Hand in Hand
Brokers and lenders can work together by focusing on the three elements of successful partnership
By Layne Sapp, founder and CEO, Credex

ARM Yourself with Knowledge
Knowing the ins and outs of option ARMs and fixed-option ARMs can help you use them properly
By Joseph Badal, senior executive vice president, Thornburg Mortgage Inc.

Plan for the Road Ahead
Look to the future to prepare for changes in the mortgage industry
By Brett Reall, regional vice president, Aegis Funding

The Draw of Commercial Loans
Many brokers are taking on commercial deals — here are some reasons why
By Michael Zaslav, vice president of sales, Commercial Loan Capital LLC

Keeping It in Reserve
Payment control is the name of the game with mortgage-reserve funds
By Drew de la Houssaye, managing director, Fund It Capital

5 Mistakes to Avoid
Help your private-investor partners avoid making critical investment mistakes
By Paul Wells, president, Success Mortgage and Financial Services Co.

Diversify to Maximize Capital
To gain more business, consider venturing to commercial lending and its related services
By Mitchell Chapman, executive director, National Business Finance

How to Find Commercial Leads
There are easy steps brokers can take to find and cultivate commercial business
By Ken Markizon, underwriter, APEX Mortgage

Avoid Foreclosure with Hard Money
Hard-money bailout loans sometimes can help clients sidestep foreclosure
By Anthony “Tony” Chao, COO, Allied Mortgage and Financial Corp.

8 Ways to Improve Customer Service
Brokers who follow a few simple suggestions can boost their referral business
By Rich Leffler, director of training/senior instructor, AxSellerated Development

13 Tips for Successful Presentations
Consider a few ways to make your next presentation an encore event
By Brian S. Wallace, senior vice president, HSBC Mortgage

Take Steps to Develop Relationships
Reach out to other industry professionals and take your business to new heights
By Patrice Yamato, president, Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers

Kick-Start Your Business
By following three tips to get more business, you can be on your way to a good year
By Brian Hilliard, author, Networking Like a Pro.

The Face of Integrity
It sometimes helps to look in the mirror and determine how others perceive you
By Tami Athens, president, Commercial Loans R Us LLC

6 Steps to Effective Goal-Planning
Brokers who set goals for themselves and their business can realize great success
By John Johnston, president, American Home Mortgage Retail Lending

Setting the Rules
When working with new clients, be sure to be clear on expectations from the start
By Jeannene Arnell, commercial finance specialist, Beehive Commercial Lending

It’s in the Message
To maximize your response rates in today’s market, focus on your direct-mail campaign
By Ron Appel, national sales director, A+ Letter Service

Choose Your Mentors Wisely
Achieve success by modeling yourself after professionals with integrity
By Dawn Ernst, vice president, Prime Share Pacific Mortgage Inc.

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