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November 2007 Articles


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Inside Scotsman Guide’s residential edition, you’ll find all the tools that make our monthly, national magazine the leading resource for residential mortgage originators.

Our monthly departments include our award-winning Spotlight, which highlights a different state each month; columns from the Mortgage Bankers Association, RealtyTrac, Zillow and more; and in-depth looks at the news shaping the industry in our BackSpace feature.

Each month also brings you contributed articles from industry experts with information on how to stay compliant, build your business and excel in the mortgage industry.




From the Editor
By Tony Stasiek, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Q&A: Ira Rheingold, National Association of Consumer Advocates
Ira Rheingold, Executive Director, National Association of Consumer Advocates
By Melinda Young, associate editor, Scotsman Guide Media, Inc

Helping Hands: SunTrust Mortgage
Each month, Helping Hands features a mortgage professional or group that has volunteered to lend a hand to others in need
By Kirsten Terry, editorial intern, Scotsman Guide Media, Inc

Spotlight: Las Vegas
By Kirsten Terry, editorial intern, Scotsman Guide Media, Inc




Extra Points for Creativity
As traditional lending takes its blows, creative-financing tools become more important than ever
By Len Holland, managing director,

Going Electronic
E-mortgages are coming, and prepared brokers stand to benefit
By Andrew M. Dubinsky, president and CEO, Encomia LP

When Lawsuits Work in Your Favor
Don’t give up on clients with pending court cases — help them get legal financing
By Alec Schibanoff, director of marketing and business development, LawMax Legal Finance

How to Handle Owner Financing
Although it’s often a worst-case scenario, a seller-financed deal can still help a broker
By Divina K. Westerfield, president, National Note Association

Small-Balance’s Large Impact
Many local businesses need small-balance commercial loans — and you can be the one to offer them
By Tom Brubaker, vice president of marketing, InterBay Funding LLC

Getting Creative With Seller Financing
Knowing two options can help deals close easily
By Norman Linton, president, Inc.

Equipment Leasing: Your Pick-Me-Up?
Commercial equipment leasing is another way to diversify and strengthen your business
By Joel Burroughs, branch-office-development manager, Innovative Lease Services Inc.

Cover Your Bases
For brokers facing various forms of litigation, proper insurance coverage can be the way to emerge unscathed
By Daniel J. Callahan, founding partner, Callahan & Blaine; and Edward Susolik, senior partner, Callahan & Blaine

Rescore and Profit
Software can catch the credit errors that are holding your clients back
By William DiPaolo, managing partner, Cogent Road Inc.

Who Can Be Prime?
Expanding prime-loan qualifications may have had a harmful effect on the industry
By Joseph Badal, senior executive vice president, Thornburg Mortgage Inc.

Paradise by the Dashboard Light
Dashboard software often aids companies seeking to track their origination efforts
By Mary Kladde, president, Titan Capital Solutions; and Ruth Lee, executive vice president, Titan Capital Solutions

Take It to the Other Side
Small-balance commercial loans often are within reach
By Cheryl Higley, national director, RBC Streamline

Investor Clients and the Need for Speed
Match real estate investors with the right loans and lenders for a steady client base
By Alan Brymer, president, Utah Valley Real Estate Investors’ Association

Where You’re at Risk
Surviving today’s environment depends on your ability to find and mitigate risks
By Jeff Gentry, vice president of emerging services, Kroll Factual Data

Draft a Winning Team
Pick the right players and lead them to business success
By Charles Byron Andrews, founder, Blue Coast

4 Ways to Enthrall Real Estate Agents
The right marketing plan often will draw the best referral sources
By Jeffrey Nelson, creator,

Becoming an Expert: 4 Tips
Read, attend courses, shadow and find a mentor — and discover success
By Brad Cooper, manager, Leader One Financial

Answer Rate Questions Confidently
Know how to field three of borrowers’ most-frequent concerns
By Jason Harris, CEO, Freedom First Financial Inc.

It’s About Customers, Not Commissions
A changing industry requires a change in companies’ compensation mentality
By Dale Vermillion, president, Mortgage Champions

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
Recognize how our industry’s woes are actually working to your benefit
By Andy Lockwood, author, MortgageMarketingWhiz

The Top 5 Attributes of Professionals
To join the top originators, learn how to be a pro
By Tom Hopkins, sales trainer,

Third Time’s a Charm
If at first you don’t succeed, keep sending your marketing materials and let the message sink in
By Joy Gendusa, founder and CEO, PostcardMania

Meeting of the Minds
When you need guidance, turn to objective peer groups and business coaches
By Paul Wirth, president of CEO, Advisors Network

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