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February 2009 Articles


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Inside Scotsman Guide’s residential edition, you’ll find all the tools that make our monthly, national magazine the leading resource for residential mortgage originators.

Our monthly departments include our award-winning Spotlight, which highlights a different state each month; columns from the Mortgage Bankers Association, RealtyTrac, Zillow and more; and in-depth looks at the news shaping the industry in our BackSpace feature.

Each month also brings you contributed articles from industry experts with information on how to stay compliant, build your business and excel in the mortgage industry.




From the Editor
By Tony Stasiek, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Q&A: Howell E. Jackson, Harvard Law School
Howell E. Jackson, professor, Harvard Law School
By Jennifer Landree, freelance writer, Scotsman Guide Media

Helping Hands
Each month, Helping Hands features a mortgage professional or group that has volunteered to lend a hand to others in need
By Ivanna C. Sukkar, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Getting Personal
First-person accounts from mortgage professionals
By Gary Lacefield, president and senior consultant, Risk Mitigation Group




Gridlock: The New Era of Loan Modification
By Richard Zahm, director, Covendium

How RESPA Will Change Your Business
Revisions alter procedures for yield-spread premiums, good-faith estimates and more
By Christopher Cruise, senior national trainer,

4 Keys to FHA Approval
Brokers who want to work with FHA loans must first understand the requirements
By Steven Sheasby, owner and president, Integrity Mortgage Licensing

Tapping the First-Time-Homebuyer Market
Many opportunities are out there for first-time homebuyers, and brokers can help navigate
By Justin Lopatin, mortgage planner , American Street Mortgage Co.

History Repeating?
Find out how you can avoid and learn from the industry’s past missteps
By Brad Cooper, manager, Leader One Financial

TILA: What's Changing, When
Alterations to Truth in Lending Act likely will affect brokers' daily duties
By Anthony F. Geraci, managing partner, Geraci Law Firm

Delving into the Details of Your Insurance
When purchasing a policy, brokers must understand exactly what their contracts mean
By Tom Delaney, managing director, Bankers Insurance Service

Collateral Valuations Depend on Transparency
Appraisers should be honest, and brokers and lenders should know who’s doing the work
By Jason Smith, president and CEO, Solidifi Inc.

What to Consider When Branching Out
Finding the right partnership can allow brokers to concentrate on what they do best
By Brent White , vice president of branch development, NetMore America Inc.; and Bob Patterson, vice president of branch development, NetMore America Inc.

How to Write a Résumé to Remember
Following nine tips often will help you paint a picture of yourself and the value you bring
By Russell Jipson, executive recruiter, Residential Finance Corp.; and Beth Wilson, human-resources manager , Residential Finance Corp.

3 Ways to Ride Out the Purchase Market
It’s often wise to know your clients, build referrals and add FHA loans
By Dave Muti, senior mortgage planner , Millenium Home Mortgage LLC

Rebuilding the Industry on E.T.H.I.C.S.
Upholding six virtues could get brokers back on track
By Dale Vermillion, president, Mortgage Champions

Emotional Stability Breeds Success
By Dale Vermillion, president, Mortgage Champions

Perfecting Your K.I.C.K.
It’s not time to slow down -- it’s time for brokers to step it up, literally
By Louise G. Thaxton, certified mortgage planner , Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp

Planning a Successful Year: 6 Steps
Remember: The best-laid plans lead to nothing without solid action
By Tom Ninness, vice president and regional production manager, Cherry Creek Mortgage

Envision It
Visualizing healthy cash flow is the first step toward achieving it
By Michelle LaBrosse, founder, Cheetah Learning

How to Market Yourself as a Specialist
Developing a niche is a way to grow business and gain a competitive advantage
By Daryl Spector, founder, Close More Loans USA

Considering Income-Based Valuation

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