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January 2017 Articles


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Inside Scotsman Guide’s residential edition, you’ll find all the tools that make our monthly, national magazine the leading resource for residential mortgage originators.

Our monthly departments include our award-winning Spotlight, which highlights a different state each month; columns from the Mortgage Bankers Association, RealtyTrac, Zillow and more; and in-depth looks at the news shaping the industry in our BackSpace feature.

Each month also brings you contributed articles from industry experts with information on how to stay compliant, build your business and excel in the mortgage industry.




From the Editor
Take time to reflect on the past year
By Will McDermott, managing editor, Ask a Lender

Featured Top Originator: Ben Cohen, Guaranteed Rate
No. 9 Top Dollar Volume (2015), No. 10 Top Volume Gain (2015)
By Rob Crow, former editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Q&A: Jonathan Lawless, Fannie Mae
Mortgage program helps millennials pay off student-loan debt
By Will McDermott, managing editor, Ask a Lender

News Roundup
By Victor Whitman, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Bright prospects for home-purchase originations
By Mike Fratantoni, chief economist and senior vice president of research and industry technology, Mortgage Bankers Association

Spotlight: Delaware
By Bill Conroy, editor in chief, Scotsman Guide Media

Dodd-Frank and GSE reform are now in Trump’s court
By Will McDermott, managing editor, Ask a Lender




An Unexpected Duet
You can increase profitability by banding together with private lenders
By Jeffrey Tesch, managing director, RCN Capital LLC

New Day Coming for MSAs
Marketing services agreements may be revived in the wake of a court ruling against the CFPB
By Stanley M. Gordon, managing member, Gordon & Associates

The Landscape Is About to Change
Faced with an uncertain future, mortgage originators must remain focused but flexible
By Loren Picard, Fintech consultant

Creating a Healthy Culture
Promoting employee wellness can improve productivity and morale
By Cal Haupt, chief executive officer, Southeast Mortgage

Hard Money Opens Doors to New Clients
Finding local private lenders can help you serve the needs of property investors
By Ian Walsh, vice president, Hard Money Bankers LLC

Seek Refuge When Rates Rise
The rental-investment market offers opportunity and stability during uncertain times
By Paul Smoot, director of wholesale originations, LendingOne

Why Borrowers Shop
When potential clients inquire about rates, first ask what they really need
By Dennis Black, CEO, Dennis Black and Associates

Take Control of Your Future
You can make this year your best yet, no matter who is president
By Bubba Mills, CEO and owner, Corcoran Consulting & Coaching Inc.

Opening the Box on DU 10.0
Fannie Mae's latest Desktop Underwriter program promises a bright future
By Chad Kusner, president, CRR Consulting and Credit Repair Resources LLC

Opportunity Through Innovation
Speeding up loan approvals can improve customer satisfaction and the bottom line
By James M. Deitch, CEO and co-founder, Teraverde Management Advisors

Improve Your Performance
Company growth requires in-depth analysis of branch effectiveness
By Carl Wooloff, business development manager, Bestborn Business Solutions

Setting Smart Goals Is Good for Business
Resolutions are effective only if they help you expand your reach
By Nathan Rufty, mortgage coach and trainer, Mortgage Marketing Pros

What Lies Ahead in 2017?
Several trends will impact the mortgage industry this year
By Greg Holmes, national director of sales and marketing, Credit Plus Inc.

Combine Channels for Big Results
Pairing direct mail with digital ads can amplify your marketing efforts
By Craig Rowe, contributor, Adwerx

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