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Articles about Small-Balance Commercial Lending


Commercial | December 2006 
Think Big, Look Small
Many leading experts say home sales will continue to slump into the summer of 2007. If this is true,  many lenders will not be in a position to fund loans in declining markets. Even government-spon...
By Vernon Morrison, president, Lighthouse Commercial Mortgage

Commercial | November 2006 
Q&A: Randy Fuchs, Boxwood Means Inc.
The growth of small-balance commercial loans — aka, commercial loans of less than $5 million in value — has been something of a loosely guarded secret in all corners of real estate finance. ...
By Tony Stasiek, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | November 2006 
A Stated-Income Option on Rehab-to-Perms
Small-balance commercial lending is one of the fastest-growing segments of the mortgage brokerage industry. Now, another opportunity is presenting itself in the small-balance commercial-lending aren...
By Jim Levie, president, NonSuch Consultants Inc.

Commercial | September 2006 
Want More Leads? Join the Club
If you’re not a member of your local chamber of commerce, you could be throwing away thousands of dollars every year. Most people react to this statement in two ways. You could be the di...
By Matt Cascarino, marketing manager, InterBay Funding LLC

Commercial | July 2006 
The Word on 504 Loans
Much has been written about a little-understood and even less-used commercial real estate loan program called the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 504. I’d like to put to rest some of the mo...
By Christopher Hurn, founder and CEO, Fountainhead Commercial Capital

Commercial | June 2006 
Efficient Processing Finds Online Solutions
Now is an ideal time for loan originators to pursue the small-balance commercial mortgage business. But small-balance loans’ expenses, such as third-party services and fixed labor costs,...
By John W. Elliott, senior vice president, CBA Commercial LLC

Commercial | March 2006 
Q&A: Katheryne L. Zelenock, Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone PLC
For the past three years, Michigan-based attorney Katheryne L. Zelenock has moderated the panel discussion on small-balance commercial loans at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Commercial Real Est...
By Tony Stasiek, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Residential | July 2006 
On the Hunt for Commercial Leads
If you’re among the savvy residential mortgage brokers who have decided to diversify their business by adding small-balance commercial products, congratulations on a wise choice. After finding the r...
By Salomon Wancier, vice president of marketing communications, Silver Hill Financial LLC

Residential | May 2006 
It’s a Small-Balance World
Commercial loans, particularly small-balance loans of $1 million and less, are a smart way for residential brokers and loan officers to diversify their products and to grow their business. Despite t...
By Michael Boggiano, national sales manager, Silver Hill Funding

Commercial | December 2007 
Inside Small-Balance
Wall Street attracted most of the attention this past summer when the liquidity squeeze and increasing volatility forced many investors to the sidelines. Meanwhile, Main Street — home to single inve...
By Randy Fuchs, principal and co-founder, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | December 2007 
Navigating Rougher Waters
Until recently, financing for small-balance commercial properties -- generally, loans of $500,000 to $5 million -- was so competitive that brokers and borrowers could readily obtain many desirable l...
By Cheryl Higley, national director, RBC Streamline

Commercial | November 2007 
Inside Small-Balance
Amid the nonprime debacle and contraction in capital-markets liquidity, most industry analysts cite healthy commercial real estate property fundamentals to differentiate the commercial market’s pros...
By Randy Fuchs, principal and co-founder, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | October 2007 
Inside Small-Balance
Fragmentation in the small-balance commercial loan market means different things to participants in the space. For some lenders, diversity in market-share represents a major tactical cha...
By Randy Fuchs, principal and co-founder, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | September 2007 
Inside Small-Balance
To notice important trends and loan segmentation occurring beneath the surface of the small-balance commercial loan market, it's useful to review where small-balance activity is occurring. For star...
By Randy Fuchs, principal and co-founder, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | August 2007 
Inside Small-Balance
This past March and April, Boxwood Means and Scotsman Guide polled small-balance commercial lenders to gauge market changes since 2006. There were some interesting conclusions from the survey result...
By Randy Fuchs, principal and co-founder, Scotsman Guide Media


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