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Articles about Small-Balance Commercial Lending


Commercial | July 2007 
Inside Small-Balance
Mortgage originations in the small-balance commercial arena totaled $130.2 billion in 2006, close to the record volume of $134.2 billion set in 2005. This total represented a modest 3 percent declin...
By Randy Fuchs, principal and co-founder, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | June 2007 
Inside Small-Balance: June
There is consensus that the small-balance commercial lending market is large, with approximately $130 billion in volume tracked in 2006. But it's a little more difficult to find agreement on what exac...
By Randy Fuchs, principal and co-founder, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | May 2007 
Marketers, Start Your Engines
Marketing requires plenty of personal horsepower. But even the most-successful marketing engines are usually stoked with surprisingly basic “fuels” — simple-but-effective methods that are driven by ...
By Tom Brubaker, vice president of marketing, InterBay Funding LLC

Commercial | May 2007 
How to Go Small-Balance
With many institutional and private lenders eager for small-balance commercial loans, programs are proliferating. Terms and service are improving, and the market is more transparent with considerabl...
By Shawn Cardin, senior vice president, Lehman Brothers Small Business Finance

Commercial | March 2007 
There’s Always Room for Small-Balance
Whether you prefer to focus on large-balance originations or are new to the commercial industry, there’s a place for small-balance loans in your book of business. It may surprise you to learn that t...
By Salomon Wancier, vice president of marketing communications, Silver Hill Financial LLC

Commercial | January 2007 
Small–Balance Conduits: The New Era
With the advent of securitized lending in the 1970s came pools generally characterized by big, sexy, sophisticated assets or trophy properties and large portfolios of loans. Smaller loans or loans o...
By Barry P. Reiner, president, CEO and co-founder, Bond Street Capital

Residential | December 2007 
Start Small and Build Up
When you make the decision to include small-balance commercial loans as part of your mortgage services, you need to spread the word about your new specialty. To do this effectively, you must have a ...
By Rishard Brown, account executive, MetWest Commercial Lender

Residential | December 2007 
Start Courting Commercial Clients
Small-balance commercial mortgages are a part of the mortgage business that you cannot afford to ignore. Commercial is waiting to be explored and exploited by those willing to try, learn and earn. I...
By Jim Levie, president, NonSuch Consultants Inc.

Residential | November 2007 
Take It to the Other Side
Every week seems to bring another round of bad news about the residential mortgage market. Brokers accustomed to the housing markets of recent years are facing seriously reduced volume and income. ...
By Cheryl Higley, national director, RBC Streamline

Residential | November 2007 
Small-Balance’s Large Impact
For many residential mortgage professionals, mentioning commercial mortgages sparks big thoughts: big loans for big corporate parks, metroplexes and skyscrapers in big cities with a big — as in time...
By Tom Brubaker, vice president of marketing, InterBay Funding LLC

Residential | September 2007 
Getting Commercial Loans in Ship Shape
Small-balance commercial lending is now built to make everything easier and more efficient than traditional commercial lending. This carries over from loan submissions to closings and more. Thus, ma...
By Michael Boggiano, national sales manager, Silver Hill Funding

Residential | September 2007 
Small-Balance Solved
If you’re like many residential brokers, you’ve probably been thinking about making a move into the commercial market. You may have even tried a small-balance commercial deal or two, but you walked ...
By Angie Birdwell, senior vice president, Wells Fargo Bank

Residential | August 2007 
Stand Out When You Cross Over
Whether you are a residential broker starting to break into the small-balance commercial market or have already gotten your feet wet, you can benefit from taking your small-balance business to the n...
By Salomon Wancier, vice president of marketing communications, Silver Hill Financial LLC

Residential | June 2007 
Get Out of the Slump
As a residential loan officer, you have two choices regarding shrinking mortgage production: Wimp out or fight back. One way to fight back and capitalize on the shrinking market is to take advantage...
By Jim Levie, president, NonSuch Consultants Inc.

Residential | May 2007 
A Niche Within a Niche
With an increasing number of residential brokers noticing the positive impact of adding small-balance-commercial loans to their product portfolio, the commercial mortgage market is already getting c...
By Salomon Wancier, vice president of marketing communications, Silver Hill Financial LLC


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