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Articles about Appraisals


Commercial | June 2016 
Speed and Information Are Reshaping the Mortgage Business
Information is more accessible today than ever before, and it is being delivered with increasing swiftness. Data that used to be available only after time-consuming and costly r...
By Paul Cleary, executive vice president, national loan production

Residential | February 2016 
Work With Appraisers Who Stand Out
At a Glance The role of appraisal management companies ...
By Michael Dresden, president, Dart Appraisal

Residential | May 2015 
Appraiser Education Requires a Paradigm Shift
Appraisal education has failed to keep pace with the evolving nature of the mortgage lending industry. As a result, appraisers often lack the educational guidance needed to inspire confidence in the p...
By Jordan Petkovski, vice president and chief appraiser, TSI Appraisal

Residential | March 2015 
A Big Issue for Small Lenders
You work for a local lender and close about 20 loans a month. You’ve been reading all the new compliance regulations, but a lot of them don’t seem to apply to you. Regardless of your volume, however, ...
By Josh Heierding, product consultant, Mercury Network

Commercial | October 2005 
Checklist for Mortgage Brokers
Mortgage brokers who educate their clients about the lending process provide a great service by letting their clients know what to expect. A borrower can better choose a lender by underst...
By William Jones, broker and partner, San Diego Lending Inc.

Commercial | July 2005 
It’s time to rethink portfolio lending
Forget everything you know about the mortgage business. Put away your debt-ratio and loan-to-value calculations. Put away your charts and desktop underwriting. And most importantly, ignore FICO scor...
By Ari Miller, vice president, Gelt Financial Corp.

Residential | December 2005 
A Step Beyond AVMs
Accuracy and credibility are key issues for everyone in the marketplace, from borrowers to lenders to Wall Street real estate investment trust investors. There are several tools, models and reports ...
By Jon-Paul Bell, marketing director, Landmark Valuation Solutions

Residential | October 2005 
Your Strength is in Your Follow-Through
What do a scratch golfer and the most-successful loan officers have in common? If you said “good follow-through,” you hit the nail on the head. In previous Scotsman Guide articles, I cove...
By Brian Blanchard, chief operations officer,

Residential | September 2005 
Want That Borrower? Start with Your Appraiser
In previous Scotsman Guide articles, I touched on three key points to improve your closing ratio: Prequalify your borrower’s property collateral (estimated value); Lock out your competition by ...
By Brian Blanchard, chief operations officer,

Residential | September 2005 
Inflated Appraisals: The Linchpin of Loan Fraud
No matter what role your company plays in mortgage origination, loan fraud has affected you. With countless reports of overstaffing in every component of the industry and much talk of a housing bub...
By Jennifer Stokley, attorney, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

Residential | August 2005 
Upfront Appraisals Lead to Closings
In an earlier Scotsman Guide article, I touched on three key points to improve your close ratios: 1. Prequalify your borrower’s property collateral (estimated value); 2. Lock out your competition b...
By Brian Blanchard, chief operations officer,

Residential | July 2005 
Healthy appraiser relationships can be loan-closing catalysts
In the past five years, I have met thousands of lenders and mortgage brokers at various trade shows and educational forums. Almost all of them recall numerous horror stories in which appraisers have...
By Brian Blanchard, chief operations officer,

Commercial | December 2006 
Appraisals: Beyond the Bulk
Many brokers who have recently switched to the commercial market from the residential market are surprised by how expensive commercial appraisals are and by how much more time is associated with the...
By Neil Beldock, senior vice president and national sales manager, Velocity Commercial Capital

Commercial | March 2006 
Ouch — I Just Learned Something
You have a loan that is about to close, but the lender shoots down the deal at the last moment — seemingly from out of nowhere. Now you must explain to your borrowers why they just spent $3,000 on a...
By Christopher Perez, loan consultant, NFRC Ventures

Commercial | November 2007 
Don’t Fall for Outdated Appraisals
During the building boom, valuing land was fairly simple. Everywhere you looked, land deals were closing. As such, there were plenty of land comparables to use to value land in nearly every major ma...
By Doug Esteves, senior vice president, INCA Capital


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