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Articles about Appraisals


Residential | May 2009 
New Code to Alter Appraisal Landscape
In recent years, the mortgage  industry has drawn enormous attention from politicians, media outlets and regulators. One part of the official response has been the establishment of the Home Valuatio...
By J. Daniel Neumann, president, J. Daniel Neumann Appraisals Inc.

Commercial | February 2009 
Get in the Zone
A property might seem perfect on paper. But there is one issue that brokers, borrowers and lenders often overlook when analyzing a property on a commercial deal: zoning compliance. Not only ...
By Cassie Phelps, senior zoning analyst, Zoning-Info Inc.

Residential | February 2009 
Collateral Valuations Depend on Transparency
One of the key messages  that has come through in the wake of the subprime (aka, nonprime) lending crisis is that managing collateral risk is just as important as managing credit risk when it comes to...
By Jason Smith, president and CEO, Solidifi Inc.

Commercial | November 2014 
Technology Points the Way
The commercial real estate and lending industries have always been somewhat resistant to change. They tend to be old-school businesses with old-school professionals running the show. For example, it’s...
By Christopher Perez, director of education, Drexel Brothers

Residential | August 2014 
Score High With Automation
Many mortgage professionals are familiar with how helpful automation can be to their originations, but there are ways to automate essential processes beyond those found in the loan-origination softw...
By David Rasmussen, senior vice president of operations, Veros

Residential | July 2014 
Weed Out Problem Loans With Appraisal QC
This past year, Fannie Mae implemented new guidelines for every residential property appraisal to undergo a more stringent and documented quality-control (QC) process. It is essential for mortgage ori...
By Patrick Scott, Midwest regional director of sales, a la mode

Residential | April 2014 
When Life Gives You Lemons
The mortgage industry is constantly changing. Every day it seems as though a new guideline or requirement goes into effect. Some mortgage brokers and originators think of these regulations as someth...
By Chris Sullivan, director of sales, a la mode’s Mercury Network

Residential | April 2014 
Pay Attention to Third-Party Relationships
This past October, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) issued a bulletin that provided specific and detailed guidance for the oversight of third-party relationships. As many originator...
By Greg Reynolds, chief appraiser, MyAMC

Commercial | April 2014 
Exploring Green Value in Commercial Appraisals
It is not uncommon for commercial mortgage professionals to help clients understand and navigate the appraisal process during a refinancing or new-construction deal. In doing so, it is important to ...
By Ken P. Wilson, president, Appraisal Institute

Residential | February 2014 
Find the Right Tool for the Job
As is true in home maintenance, today’s mortgage-banking industry must use the right tools. But many financial institutions are not following this essential wisdom. Mortgage bankers often persist in...
By Clint Cornett, founder and CEO, ValuTrac Software Inc.

Residential | February 2014 
Is the Best Regulation Self-Regulation?
As the writer Keith Davis put forth in his “iron law of responsibility” more than 30 years ago, “Those who do not use power in a manner which society considers responsible will tend to lose it.” No in...
By Roy L. Simerly, co-founder,

Commercial | June 2013 
Let Technology Lead on the Path to Compliance
In today’s evolving market, commercial mortgage brokers and bankers must keep abreast of regulatory changes that impact lenders to discern any potential effects on their business. Most prominent among...
By Clint Cornett, founder and CEO, ValuTrac Software Inc

Commercial | June 2013 
Reaching Out for Value
As recovery takes hold across various property types in the commercial real estate market, commercial mortgage brokers may notice how lending institutions are striving to avoid errors of the past and ...
By Roger Beane, founder and CEO, LRES

Residential | July 2013 
Determining the Value of Green
Energy-efficient homes can provide numerous benefits to homeowners, including lower energy costs, improved comfort and reduced pollution. Mortgage bankers and lenders who issue loans on high-efficienc...
By Richard L. Borges II, president, Appraisal Institute

Commercial | November 2010 
The Value of Valuation Rules
The U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA’s) 7(a) lending program processed more than 16,000 loans this past first quarter, which was more than double the number it backed in the first quarter of ...
By Neal Patel, certified business appraiser (CBA) and principal, Reliant Business Valuation


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