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Articles about Appraisals


Commercial | November 2010 
Does Your Building Measure Up?
In recent years, there has been a greater focus on energy efficiency in newly constructed and existing buildings. Initiatives aimed at measuring and curbing energy use are being enacted around the glo...
By Eugene A. Belli, vice president of national programs, AEI Consultants

Commercial | October 2010 
Is Your Lender Diligent About Due Diligence?
Many commercial real estate loans are being reworked, foreclosed upon and otherwise modified as we come out of the economic downturn. In addition, the pace of commercial mortgage lending is picking up...
By Gregory B. Johnson, certified professional engineer, Greatwood Engineering Management LLC; and Jennifer T. Johnson, founding principal, Greatwood Engineering Management LLC

Commercial | July 2010 
What to Expect from an Insurer's Visit
Clients need evidence of commercial insurance before they can procure a loan for their business. Commercial insurance agents typically will inspect the business premises before they offer insurance...
By Raymond C. Berry, Scotsman Guide Media, Inc

Commercial | June 2010 
Get Real About Tax Assessments
Imagine this scenario: two hotels in the same city are of similar age, size and construction quality. Both are located in popular areas with convenient access to sites attractive to overnight traveler...
By Stephen H. Paul, partner, Baker & Daniels LLP

Commercial | May 2010 
3 Keys to a Hole in One
Like many specialized asset classes, the market for golf course properties seems poised for an additional shake-up. Mortgage brokers must be prepared to navigate the next 12 to 18 months to help their...
By Jerry Sager, senior managing director, First National

Commercial | May 2010 
How to Avert 6 Common Missteps
As we weather this economic storm,commercial mortgage brokers must be more attentive to their clients' deals than ever before. The days of submitting a loan to underwriting and simply waiting for a cl...
By Harlan A. Friedman, president, Lightning Commercial Funding Inc

Commercial | May 2010 
'Is It Feasible?' And Other Workout-Specialist Questions
Construction lending carries a great deal of risk. Projects can fail because of cost overruns, delayed construction schedules, poor project management, declining sales prices, constructors or key subc...
By Carl de Stefanis, president, Inspection & Valuation International Inc

Commercial | February 2010 
Get to Know PCAs
When helping clients seek a loan for a commercial property, mortgage brokers are in a prime position to sort through and explain the various due-diligence requirements. For commercial loans, engineeri...
By Rick Richter, principal, Partner Engineering and Science Inc

Residential | December 2010 
How Various Tools Help Measure Home Values
Many of today’s mortgage-market participants and prospective borrowers remain confused — or worse, in denial — about property values and collateral risk. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of var...
By Greg Dennis, vice president of collateral valuation solutions, MDA Lending Solutions

Residential | October 2010 
How to Promote Smooth Appraisal Transfers
In a perfect world, upon finding their clients a better deal, mortgage brokers could transfer an appraisal from one lender to another quickly and easily. Unfortunately, when it comes to appraisal tran...
By Brian C. Coester, CEO, Coester Valuation Management Services

Residential | September 2010 
Rev Your Green-Lending Engine
As more consumers show interest in green-built, energy-efficient homes, many homebuilders and developers are changing their building practices to meet increased demand. What's often missing from the p...
By Dakota Gale, program manager, sustainable finance, Earth Advantage Institute

Residential | August 2010 
A Problem of Values
As mortgage fraud continues to afflict local and national real estate markets, mortgage brokers should pay careful attention to how property appraisals work. In addition, brokers should strive to prom...
By Leslie P. Sellers, president, Appraisal Institute

Residential | August 2010 
Uniform Standards May Ease FHA Shift
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD's) decision to eliminate Federal Housing Administration (FHA) approval of mortgage brokers -- aka, loan correspondents -- draws a clear line...
By Greg Schroeder, president, Comergence Compliance Monitoring

Residential | August 2010 
Minimize Unwelcome Surprises
In this market of ever-changing rules and regulations, mortgage brokers must remain ready to fund clients' needs. Brokers can do this by developing a checklist of borrower requirements. Such lists wil...
By Desirée Patno, owner and founder, Desirée Patno Enterprises Inc

Residential | February 2010 
Does Your Lender Use the Right AMC?
Mandatory appraiser independence appears poised to stick around for the long term. Mortgage brokers can use this to their advantage by working with lenders that assure only the highest-quality apprais...
By George K. Demopulos, president and chief valuations officer, Lincoln Appraisal and Settlement Services


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