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Articles about Banking


Residential | November 2018 
Viewpoint: It’s Time for a New Regulatory Paradigm
Ten years ago, Lehman Brothers went bust, followed in short order by a collapse of our nation’s housing markets and the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Congress responded with swee...
By Scott Olson, executive director, Community Home Lenders Association

Commercial | August 2018 
Some Financing Deals Gain More Traction Than Others
Change is in the air. Lenders appear to have commenced a slow transition over the last year toward originating more loans for owner-occupied commercial real estate transactions. The abundance of ...
By Rob Diodato, president, York Commercial Finance

Commercial | May 2018 
The Power of Green
Energy efficiency in buildings is one of the most powerful resources for achieving the world’s environmental goals. It also is an incredible economic opportunity for commercial real estate investors. ...
By Panama Bartholomy, director, Investor Confidence Project

Residential | April 2018 
Small Business, Big Deals
The mortgage industry rewards an entrepreneurial spirit. If you have the right mix of sound business skills, soft interpersonal skills, a detail-oriented nature and the ambition to go the extra mile t...
By Jacqueline Ring, vice president of warehouse operations, Florida Capital Bank Mortgage

Commercial | November 2017 
Brokers Can Provide Value by Understanding Regulations
Congress passed the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) in 1977 to encourage banks to meet the needs of the communities in which they operate. Specifically, the CRA targets low- and moderate-income neigh...
By Joseph Silvia, attorney

Commercial | May 2017 
Basel Rules Target Bank Risk
The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), a group composed of banking regulators from some 28 countries, is nearing the end of an arduous rule-revamping process. If you are a commercial mortg...
By Christina Zausner, senior director of policy and industry analysis, Commercial Real Estate Finance Council

Residential | April 2017 
Grow Your Business From the Inside Out
If there was a magic formula that allowed you to grow your business to meet your objectives, life would be so much easier. The reality, of course, is that growing a mortgage business takes consistent ...
By Amy Slotnick, branch manager, Fairway Independent Mortage Corp.

Residential | March 2017 
Cultivate a Stronger Branch
Whether they also originate loans or not, branch managers at mortgage companies typically are tasked with two primary functions: increasing their team’s production numbers and recruiting new sales tal...
By Michael DiMaggio, branch manager, Stearns Lending LLC

Commercial | November 2016 
Walking the Regulatory Road
Commercial mortgage professionals have many reasons to feel like they are on a knife’s edge. In addition to the impending presidential elections and uncertainty in interest rate movements, the next fe...
By Rod J. Alba, senior vice president and senior regulatory counsel, American Bankers Association

Commercial | July 2016 
Make Your Lender Your Partner
In many ways, these seem like auspicious times: The economy is stable, construction is up and loans for many commercial property acquisitions are easier to get. Stalled projects have moved forward and...
By Jerry Sager, senior managing director, First National

Commercial | May 2016 
Character Opens Doors
No matter how creditworthy, small-capital mortgage customers tend to feel the squeeze between tighter bank-lending standards and the significant financing expenses of many private lenders. There is a ...
By Steve Belleville, director of sales and marketing, Redwood Mortgage

Commercial | May 2016 
Underwriting Standards Evolve
It is no secret to anyone in the industry that since the economic recovery started, commercial real estate investment has been one of the hottest markets in the U.S. In fact, a national commercial pro...
By Ben Miller, director, Franklin Street Capital Advisors; and Casey Siggins, director, Franklin Street Capital Advisors

Commercial | April 2016 
Technology Amplifies Market Intelligence
Much has been written about how technology is changing the commercial mortgage business, but it’s not always clear how those changes are occurring, or whether technology is living up to its billing as...
By Ely Razin, CEO, CrediFi

Commercial | March 2016 
Referral Networks Are the Cornerstone of Business Growth
One of the most important factors in the success of any commercial mortgage originator is the ability to fully develop a referral network in order to close more commercial real estate loans. Without a...
By Bob Worthington, director of business development, APEX Mortgage Corp

Commercial | March 2016 
What’s in Your Lending Mix?
A  direct lender’s decision on whether to fund a loan is based on a few limited and straightforward factors, primarily related to loan-to-value (LTV) ratios and debt-service-coverage ratios (DSCR). Th...
By Jerry Sager, senior managing director, First National


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