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Articles about Banking


Residential | February 2004 
Who Can Originate FHA Loans?
Mortgage brokers and lenders should by now be familiar with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rules regarding so-called “net branches”. These rules, contained in Mortgagee Let...
By Kim Daugherty, senior account executive, KC Capital

Residential | January 2004 
Tips for Keeping Your List Data Clean and Compliant
There’s a lot at stake when purchasing prospect data. Getting inaccurate data means that you may be wasting your direct marketing budget contacting consumers no longer at the address to which you’ve m...
By Bob Squiers, Vice President of Operations, Cilix

Residential | January 2004 
How to Avoid a Slump in the Mortgage Business
Selling mortgages is an up and down game. One day you’re riding high, closing loans right and left; the next, no one will even talk to you. If you let either the ups or the downs of selling destroy yo...
By Bill Sparkman, creator, Circle of Champions

Residential | January 2004 
Construction Contributes to Gains in Employment, Manufacturing Orders
Non-farm payroll employment went up in November by 57,000, seasonally adjusted, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported today. That was the fourth straight monthly rise but broke a string of inc...
By Ken Simonson, Chief Economist, General Contractors of America

Residential | January 2004 
Why Do I Need a Consumer Compliance Program?
Last month we discussed the merits of a consumer compliance program and briefly mentioned the five phases (Policies, Procedures, Training, Quality Control, Audit) of a sound program.  Additionally, ...
By James D. Russell, CPA, managing partner, MTG Consult

Residential | January 2004 
Time For a Commercial?
Jordan playing professional baseball, Deion Sanders playing professional baseball, and Tony Gonzalez playing professional basketball-these were the three most feared athletes in their respective sport...
By David Kleinman, Senior Vice President, Intel Mortgage Company

Residential | January 2004 
A Great Loan Application System is Not Rocket Science
The premise is simple – we produce more and we make more money. Quality can sometimes be put on the back burner—especially during times of intense competition for loans such as we experienced during t...
By Dave Hershman, director, OriginationPro Mortgage School

Residential | January 2004 
A For Sale By Owner Harvest?
There is a bumper crop of new client relationships to be harvested down at the FSBO Farm.   With the right tools and the right approach, more and more progressive and pro-active mortgage professionals...
By Bill Burns, advertising services,

Commercial | December 2005 
Know Your Stuff
Lenders want to offer their best terms to projects they think will be successful. If a project’s success looks uncertain, it is a lender’s nature — if not its duty — to withhold favorable conditions...
By Andrew L. Benioff, head, RFG Hospitality Capital

Commercial | December 2005 
Gunning for Quality Full-Docs
Since the advent of stated-income/stated-asset (SISA) loans, brokers and borrowers have enjoyed a streamlined approval process for small-balance ($100,000 to $1 million) commercial loans. ...
By Mark Condello, president, Atlantic Capital Funding LLC

Commercial | December 2005 
Going National
Commercial lending has progressed dramatically in the past few years. Not long ago, if you wanted a loan for a smaller commercial property, such as a three-star mobile-home park or a small office bu...
By Todd A. Kuhlmann, CCIM, president, KC Capital

Commercial | December 2005 
Conduits vs. Portfolios
Conduit loans are terrific. They offer the best-possible interest rate locked in for the long term, which can boost your clients’ bottom line. So if your clients qualify for a conduit loan, why woul...
By Phil Sblendorio, senior vice president, Farmers & Merchants Bank

Commercial | December 2005 
When One Door Closes
After months of public hearings, study and research (not to mention nonstop lobbying), the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) list is now a matter of law. Land developers and homebuilders acro...
By Richard Dorrier, AICP (American Institute of Certified Planners), principal and vice president, EDAW Inc.

Commercial | October 2005 
Factor It In
In a past Scotsman Guide, I explained that hundreds of businesses nationwide use factoring as an alternative financing tool to aid with slow cash flow. Factoring is the purchase (by a factoring comp...
By Duane H. Marchant, president, abcCapitalFUNDING Co.

Commercial | October 2005 
It’s the Little Things that Count
How important is it to pay attention to the request for detailed information when filling out your loan application? Extremely. It can determine whether you will fund your loan before the scheduled...
By Lee Fenn, senior vice president and chief lending officer, Provident Savings Bank FSB


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