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Articles about Banking


Commercial | October 2005 
The Unfundables
Unfortunately, not all commercial loans close. It is mind-boggling how many deals lenders see that have no chance of ever funding. Deals that never fund typically fall into three primary ...
By Glen Weinberg, chief operating officer, Fairview Commercial Lending

Commercial | August 2005 
Taking the First Step
The next time you get an approval on a commercial loan based only on vague property information or a credit score, you may want to proceed with caution. Many brokers have received this kind of appro...
By Kim Daugherty, senior account executive, KC Capital

Commercial | July 2005 
It’s time to rethink portfolio lending
Forget everything you know about the mortgage business. Put away your debt-ratio and loan-to-value calculations. Put away your charts and desktop underwriting. And most importantly, ignore FICO scor...
By Ari Miller, vice president, Gelt Financial Corp.

Commercial | July 2005 
Asset-based lenders shift focus
It’s hardly a secret that banks do not lend to everyone. While this has always been the case, it has become much more apparent in recent years. A wave of bank mergers has led traditional ...
By John Hutzler, commercial-real-estate lender, Wextrust Capital

Commercial | July 2005 
Look out: Price corrections likely are on the way
Many of us have hypothetical crystal balls, which we use to predict the future. For many, the 2005 real-estate market has looked cloudy. A deeper gaze into our crystal balls shows that it is only a ...
By Rene G. Boisvert, principal and owner, Boulevard Equity Group

Commercial | July 2005 
Tenancy-in-common: A matter of convenience vs. control
Tenancy-in-common (TIC) real-estate ownership is a structure in which two or more people have undivided fractional interests in an asset and ownership shares are not required to be equal. This metho...
By Craig C. Johnson, president and CEO, Aries Capital Inc.

Commercial | July 2005 
Private money lenders see things differently
Most brokers and borrowers distinguish between private money lenders and conventional institutional lenders based on two factors: speed and cost of capital. Private money lending has a high cost of ...
By Doug Esteves, senior vice president, INCA Capital

Commercial | July 2005 
Clear the hurdles of financing and like-kind exchanges
Real estate like-kind exchanges would be far simpler if they only involved the sale of relinquished property and the acquisition of replacement property without the issues raised by financing. Howev...
By Jonathan Black, partner, Brown Rudnick Berlack Israel LLC

Commercial | July 2005 
Start making sense: Real estate finance 101
Since the bursting of the tech-stock bubble and the continuing less-than-spectacular returns from the stock market, many investors have sought better yields elsewhere. In fact, many of these investo...
By Chad Thomas Hagwood, senior vice president and branch manager, GMAC Commercial Mortgage

Commercial | June 2005 
Hear the music of expanding orchestra funding
We enjoy the finer things in life, such as gourmet dining, luxury automobiles and the best seats in the house at favorite concerts and sporting events. Everyone likes to see the performance from a p...
By Michael E. Napoliello Jr., co-author, Spark: Lending Your Way to Real Estate Millions; and Jason Moskowitz, co-author, Spark: Lending Your Way to Real Estate Millions

Commercial | June 2005 
Get to know MISMO
A new word is about to enter the lexicon of commercial-real-estate finance, joining terms such as mezzanine financing, defeasement and conduit. MISMO is a word that describes a major technological ...
By Daniel P. Szparaga, senior director, Commercial/Multifamily Business Group of the Mortgage Bankers Association

Commercial | June 2005 
The balancing act: Borrower interests meet lender interests in prepayment premiums
The loan process can generate excitement when sourcing a transaction, locating the appropriate funding source, negotiating sizing, executing a commitment and documenting a commercial-mortgage loan....
By Kathy Marquardt, senior vice president, GMAC Commercial Mortgage Corp.; and James Goodall, vice president of global servicing, GMAC Commercial Holding Corp.

Residential | February 2015 
Do Your Banking at Home
The reverse mortgage is still seen by many as an act of desperation for borrowers in need. Television and radio financial planners have generally held a narrow view of reverse mortgages, and consequen...
By Dan Hultquist, branch manager, Open Mortgage

Commercial | April 2005 
We Were There: Lessons Learned at MBA CREF
The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) held its annual Commercial Real Estate Finance (CREF)/Multifamily Housing Convention and Expo this past Feb. 6-9 in San Diego. Mortgage brokers from around the...
By William Jones, broker and partner, San Diego Lending Inc.

Commercial | April 2005 
Banks Turn to Loan Sales to Manage Risks and Goals
True price discovery only can be achieved through the competitive-bidding process and the auction environment.” The above statement sounds like something you might overhear at a cattle au...
By Michael Malekos, vice president, Bridger Commercial Funding


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