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Articles about Bridge Financing


Commercial | October 2019 
When Worlds Collide
Bridge loans are, by definition, unconventional. The deals associated with this type of financing often involve unusual circumstances, short terms and tight closing deadlines. And yet, the most conven...
By Tim Tower, vice president of business development, Northeast Bank

Commercial | September 2019 
The New Kid on the Block
In today’s strong economy, lenders and investors are looking for yield, and credit unions are no exception. Last year, credit unions significantly expanded their presence in commercial real estate fin...
By Dan Gushue, chief credit officer, Extensia Financial

Commercial | August 2019 
Stick Your Landing
Commercial real estate land loans are among the hardest deals to finance. Banks and many alternative lenders typically won’t do them. For mortgage brokers trying to finance a land purchase or a projec...
By Gregg Wolfer, chief operating officer, Kennedy Funding Inc.

Commercial | July 2019 
Play Your Best Hand in Bridge Financing
The number of commercial bridge lenders has grown substantially over the past several years, a trend that has made it easier and more affordable to find financing for transitional commercial...
By Gary Bechtel, president, Money360

Commercial | February 2018 
Carve Out Your Niche
A commercial mortgage broker needs something to stand apart. In a highly competitive lending market, it’s especially important to carve out a niche in order to grow market share. Generally, fo...
By Jason M. Aubrey, principal, PlattPointe Capital

Residential | October 2016 
Satisfying the Need for Speed
A popular video game, “Need for Speed,” features go-fast cars that cost more than the average automobile. Bridge loans for homebuyers are similar in concept. They cost more than traditional ...
By Jan Brzeski, managing director and chief investment officer, Crosswind Financial and Arixa Capital Advisors

Commercial | July 2015 
Spot the Signs to Avoid Scams
One of the biggest problems in commercial bridge lending is upfront-fee scams. These scams are more commonly found in the area of consumer loans, but they have started to gain serious momentum in the ...
By Corey Curwick Dutton, founder, Private Money Utah

Commercial | September 2003 
Bridge Loans: The Best Financing Tool for Some Difficult Situations
People who invest in income-producing commercial real estate often are required to manage some challenges that impact the situation. They may include some of the following: High vacancy Change of ...
By Brian Opert, chief executive, Sterling Commercial Capital LLC

Commercial | June 2004 
Bridge Loans: Financial Alternatives in a Transitioning Economy Bridge
There is a point in every economic recovery where business must be the driving force that pushes the credit markets to extend resources. In manufacturing, it may take the form of a growing backlog a...
By Gregory Malanos, president, C&T Funding Inc.

Commercial | March 2005 
Bridge Loans: Developers’ Vehicle of Choice
The bridge loan is one of the most common real estate-financing vehicles. If you are a real estate developer or investor, you probably have used one. The term originates from its purpose of bridging...
By David Ross, managing director, Tremont Realty Capital

Commercial | October 2006 
How to Structure a Tough Loan
A successful income-property investor you’ve worked with on three purchase loans calls you, excited about a new prospect. “I’ve found a 24-unit apartment building,” she says. “An elderly ...
By Nathan LaBudde, consultant, income-property-loan; and Fred Hollister, senior vice president, director of commercial lending, Global Fundings Inc.

Commercial | August 2006 
Creative Financing: 3 Secrets
Business-owners can be accustomed to banks turning them down. Lenders often shy away from startups, fast-growing firms and other companies that have the greatest needs because these companies don’t...
By Marc Porter, founder and CEO, Porter Capital Corp.

Commercial | March 2007 
Bridging the Gap
Bridge loans are a useful capitalization technique for owners of commercial real estate. They tend to be more customized than permanent loans. And lenders that offer bridge loans are often better-eq...
By Frank Scavone, executive vice president, Business Loan Express (BLX)

Commercial | January 2015 
Building Bridges to Recovery
It’s often said that whether it’s sales, mortgages, shoes or the latest widget on the market, you should “ride the wave” when sales are up because you never know what trend is coming in the future and...
By Anita Huedepohl, founder and CEO, Liberty Funding

Commercial | October 2008 
How to Win Investors’ Business
Commercial brokers are starting to wonder how to stay in business while the market works through its liquidity, credit and property deleveraging process. The name of the game is loan investors -- pa...
By Joe Caton, managing director, Hartford One Group


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