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Articles about Bridge Financing


Commercial | September 2008 
Diversify to Stay Prepared
Commercial mortgage brokers are in an excellent position to benefit from the downturn in real estate. While it appears that the market has contracted and opportunities have stagnated, creative mortg...
By Milton Franklin, founder and president, Commercial Mortgage Exchange Inc.

Commercial | May 2008 
Find Flexibility in Bridge Loans
Bridge loans are short-term loans meant to give investors time to solve whatever problems are preventing them from qualifying for permanent financing or from selling their properties. The duration o...
By Joe Cacciapaglia, director of investments, Llenrock Realty Partners

Commercial | December 2009 
Understanding Trust-Deed Investing
Trust-deed investments have been around for a long time. In a nutshell, loans made via these investments are similar to mortgages, except that along with the borrower and lender, another party -- an i...
By Erich Beringer, president , Southbridge Capital Inc.

Commercial | July 2009 
Building the Bridge
The current credit crisis continues to test mortgage brokers and commercial property investors and owners in numerous ways. Many are finding traditional funding avenues closed when they need financing...
By Adam Luysterborghs, managing principal, Avant Capital Partners LLC

Commercial | October 2014 
Harsh CMBS Maturities Ahead
More than $600 billion of commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) loans were originated between the years of 2005 and 2007, making up a major percentage of legacy CMBS loans. With most CMBS loans...
By Ann Hambly, founder and CEO, 1st Service Solutions

Commercial | July 2014 
Who’s Lending in the Distressed Space?
For the commercial real estate industry, distressed properties remain a nagging problem six years after the collapse of the market. Although many conventional lenders continue to d...
By Jeffrey Wolfer, president and CEO, Silver Arch Capital Partners

Commercial | December 2013 
Rise Above the Rest With FHA Financing
In today’s market, there is a multitude of commercial real estate financing options, which include government-sponsored enterprises, bond financing, insurance companies and the U.S Department of Housi...
By Gabe Seghi, vice president, Housing and Healthcare Finance

Commercial | December 2013 
Offering Safe Passage for Distressed Deals
This year easily could be called the year of the bridge loan. Encouraged by still-low interest rates, investors increasingly have sought bridge financing for deals in the distressed-property market....
By Elizabeth Braman, chief production officer, Realty Mogul

Commercial | May 2013 
Bridging the Financing Gap
As the commercial real estate recovery takes hold, competition for bridge financing has heated up, and lenders may not appear as selective as they were a year or 18 months ago. Because of bridge loans...
By Jim Martin, director, Sabal Financial Group


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