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Articles about Bubble


Residential | July 2019 
The Housing-Market Balloon Isn’t About to Pop
Home prices have climbed substantially since bottoming out in 2012. The question at hand is whether these increases constitute a bubble that will inevitably break. One of the last things mortgag...
By Dick Lepre, senior loan adviser, RPM Mortgage

Residential | June 2018 
Viewpoint: Lessons from Lehman Brothers 10 Years Later
  Key Points Housi...
By Dick Lepre, senior loan adviser, RPM Mortgage

Residential | May 2018 
Mortgage Industry Outlook
For more than 100 consecutive months, the U.S. economy has continued to grow, with real gross domestic product (GDP) per capita increasing by nearly 13 percent over that period of time, accor...
By Tom Gillen, senior vice president of capital markets, Churchill Mortgage

Residential | February 2018 
Viewpoint: Why Housing Prices Are Rising
  At a Glance How many hours borrowers must work to afford their mortgages: A recent map produced by Visual Capitalist, a web...
By Dick Lepre, senior loan adviser, RPM Mortgage

Residential | January 2018 
Homes Are not Overpriced
One of the most frustrating aspects of the housing industry these days is the state of first-time homebuyers, who have been missing in action. According to data from the National Association of R...
By Brent Nyitray, director of capital markets, iServe Residential Lending




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