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Articles about Customer Service


Residential | October 2016 
Will A Machine Replace You?
As innovators rapidly enter the mortgage industry, there is a question that lingers in the minds of many originators, processors and underwriters: “Will a machine replace me?” Many of the Silicon Vall...
By John Paasonen, CEO and founder, Maxwell

Residential | September 2016 
The Digital Finish Line Is Behind Us
One of the top-five imperatives for mortgage-industry executives is accelerating their digital transformation. The demand for transparency and client self-service, plus the need for compliance managem...
By Paula Tompkins, CEO and founder, ChannelNet

Residential | May 2016 
Find Common Ground
Many professionals who are close to the mortgage industry would agree that loan originators and underwriters are vastly different occupations and, at times, they even have competing objectives — with ...
By Paul Isola, regional vice president of operations, Mountain West Financial Inc.

Residential | May 2016 
With Internet Leads, Try, Try and Try Again
To convert more Internet leads and maximize the number of closed loans, you need to have different approaches to front- and back-end marketing. Converting front-end sales i...
By Mike Mahoney, real estate and mortgage professional

Residential | March 2016 
Lead the Way With TRID
Now that the initial shock of the new consumer-disclosure rules known as TRID has passed, mortgage professionals can take a deep breath and review what is working and what is not. This is the perfect ...
By Jason C. Myers, founder and principal, Carolina Lending Group

Residential | March 2016 
Heed the Golden Rule of Service
A business traveler arrives at the gate early for his flight home and decides that he needs a shoeshine. He takes a seat at a nearby shoeshine stand. “Are you in a rush?” the owner o...
By Todd Duncan, founder, The Duncan Group

Residential | February 2016 
Remote Mortgage Closings Demand Tech Savvy
Technology has brought a tidal wave of change to consumer expectations that leaves mortgage industry players with a stark choice: sink or swim. The outcome will be determined by where mortgage origina...
By Aaron King, founder and CEO, Snapdocs Inc.

Residential | January 2016 
A New Generation Is Reshaping the Customer Service Landscape
Over the past 10 years, the mortgage industry has confronted many unique challenges — chief among them the housing-market crash and the regulatory reforms that followed in its wake. Even as the indust...
By Barry Hays, co-founder and senior vice president, TeleVoice

Residential | December 2015 
Baby-Boomer Market Is Still Blooming
Millennials represent an emerging demographic group that is getting a lot of marketing buzz in the mortgage industry. But putting all your marketing chips in the millennial basket may not be the best ...
By Kristi Kovalak, principal, K2 Marketing & Communications

Residential | October 2015 
Maintain the Human Touch
The ever-increasing reach of technology is making it harder to establish a personal connection with clients. With home-loan applications being done online, real estate documents being e-signed, and co...
By Darrin Stobaugh, consultant

Commercial | November 2003 
Get What You Want: Negotiate to Win
Failed negotiation strategies do more than prevent you from getting what you want. They also detract from your credibility and your knowledge base of the person or company with whom you are negotiatin...
By Al Auger, writer, Pure Profits: Pinpoint Winning Properties

Residential | October 2003 
Create Instant Credibility and Trust with Your Customers
Note: Tim Braheem, one of the nation’s superstar loan officers, tells you how he creates instant credibility with his customers. You only have a few minutes to influence your prospects to do business ...
By Tim Braheem, CEO, LoanToolbox

Residential | October 2003 
Consumer Advocates
Consumer advocacy is filled with some goodness, but we could do with less yelling from their corner. Meeting with consumer advocates is like being introduced to your girlfriend’s father the first time...
By Gordon Schlicke, mortgage trainer, Seattle

Residential | May 2003 
Most mortgage transactions are governed by truth-in-lending. The truth-in-lending laws, and other related laws, were enacted many years ago. They were updated, over time, to attempt to protect the con...
By Gary Opper, president, Approved Financial Corp.

Residential | October 2004 
Client Relationship Management
When I was in my 30s, my husband was fond of saying, “Honey, you have a mind like a steel trap.” Apparently by the time I reached 45, the trap had rusted. All too frequently, I found myself having ...
By Kate Wilson, Coach & Trainer, Building Champions


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