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Articles about Customer Service


Residential | October 2004 
Listening Your Way to More Sales
Understanding your prospects’ true concerns by listening carefully to their words is like deciphering a complex secret code. Emotionally charged words and subtle comments like, “I’m just not sure a...
By Bill Sparkman, creator, Circle of Champions

Residential | August 2004 
Going Beyond Customer Service
According to recent findings by Forrester Research, there is a growing strategic importance for customer service as an element of business success — so important that Forrester research director Jo...
By Wayne Lee, president, Argent Mortgage Co.

Residential | June 2004 
Customer Solution Marketing
One of the best and most efficient forms of marketing I have found is what I call “Customer Solution Marketing” or “CSM.” Many of the marketing “systems” we employ are simply a matter of finding a ...
By Brian L. Peart, president, Nexus Financial Group Inc.

Residential | April 2004 
The Rutledge Report
The new Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA) amends the current Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to "prevent identity theft, improve resolutions of consumer disputes, improve a...
By Jerry Rutledge, DREI, CREI, President, Alliance Academy

Residential | April 2004 
How to Turn a Cold Database into a Hot Asset: Regular, Personal Contact Boosts Business
In the mortgage business, we all need more R&R. That doesn’t translate into rest and relaxation; that means “repeats and referrals” from your existing client base.  Tapping this goldmine requires a...
By Judy Margrett, co-founder, The Turning Point

Residential | January 2004 
Align Mortgage Origination Activities with Customer Needs For Long-term Competitive Viability
Whether your title is broker, banker, consultant, officer, specialist, or chief cook ‘n’ bottle washer, if you’re a mortgage originator, your primary job function is likely sales. This might not ...
By Brent Duncan, adjunct professor, University of Phoenix School of Business and Management

Commercial | December 2005 
Sealing the Deal
To begin, let me ask you some painful questions. Answer honestly: Have you ever spent hours arranging financing for your clients only to find out they went somewhere else before you exec...
By John Lloyd, president and co-owner, Cornerstone Commercial Mortgage

Commercial | November 2005 
Step Right Up
Many borrowers first turn to banks when seeking a loan. After all, banks are well-known in their local market. Borrowers expect banks to understand their lending needs and to be willing to satisfy t...
By Alfred Acitelli, principal, Imperium Commercial Capital

Commercial | November 2005 
Think Like a Developer
Approaching real estate development and ownership without a sense of vision is like approaching any great endeavor similarly. At some point, the process likely will stall. The end product will proba...
By Jonathan Black, partner, Brown Rudnick Berlack Israel LLC

Commercial | October 2005 
The Simple Act of Following Up
Everyone is looking for the next big thing – the next marketing strategy, the next hot product to sell, etc. Still, success is often found not in those “home run” strategies but in the singles and d...
By Brian L. Peart, president, Nexus Financial Group Inc.

Commercial | August 2005 
The Importance of Price-Shopping
There’s a common saying that anyone who has to ask about price can’t afford it. This misconception seems to influence a lot of people. Whether buying property or high-dollar retail or dealing with ...
By Grant Jones, director of the property and projects division, Centrum Financial Services Inc.

Residential | February 2015 
Stand Out From the Competition
The mortgage industry can be a difficult business. Brokers and bankers have no direct control over the economy, no forecast into future rates and no certain insight about the number of people looking ...
By Chad Jampedro, president and co-owner, GSF Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | March 2005 
Seeking Success? Try Your Client’s View
Question How can I accelerate my sales and acquire more clients and repeat business? Answer  To give yourself a fighting chance against your competition, you have to...
By Al Auger, writer, Pure Profits: Pinpoint Winning Properties

Residential | November 2005 
Anticipation Emancipation
If you have been in this industry for long, you have likely picked up a detrimental characteristic: You have started to anticipate. Anticipation is the process of thinking ahead of where your custom...
By Joseph Corno, consultant, We Be Consulting and Seminars

Residential | November 2005 
Emotional Expertise
Being a loan officer often is about little more than handling emotions. Purchasing a home is stressful. If you stay calm through the process and keep everyone else calm, you will be seen as the expe...
By Brian L. Peart, president, Nexus Financial Group Inc.


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