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Articles about CRM


Residential | March 2019 
Clients for Life Await
Every client has the potential of becoming a million-dollar sale. Once you realize the value of each borrower, you can begin to implement a system so you don’t lose them to the competition without eve...
By Kirk King, president, Continuity Programs Inc.

Residential | October 2017 
Relationships Are Marketing Gold
Most industries rely on relationships as the cornerstone for success, and mortgage-loan origination is no exception. In a world with constant pressure on rates and prices, solid relationships are more...
By Sarah Valentini, president and principal, Radius Financial Group Inc.

Residential | October 2017 
Lead Generation Made Easy
Different times require different strategies and innovations to compete in an ever-changing mortgage-lending world. In 2016, many lenders and mortgage companies turned to automated technology to help ...
By Kirk King, president, Continuity Programs Inc.

Residential | October 2017 
Develop Relationships Through Digital Marketing
If you are good at what you do and your customers are satisfied, then you are bound to get plenty of referrals. Although word of mouth is a great way to get business, you need quality marketing to kee...
By Yanni Raz, CEO, HML Investments

Commercial | November 2016 
Walking the Regulatory Road
Commercial mortgage professionals have many reasons to feel like they are on a knife’s edge. In addition to the impending presidential elections and uncertainty in interest rate movements, the next fe...
By Rod J. Alba, senior vice president and senior regulatory counsel, American Bankers Association

Residential | February 2006 
Putting People Before Products
Customer-relationship management (CRM) involves using information about customers to create a marketing strategy that develops and sustains desirable customer relationships. I believe, however, that...
By Stewart J. Mednick, principal, SRD Co.

Residential | January 2015 
What’s in a Database?
A database is nothing more than an organized system for data storage. In this information age, we all use databases every time we use a computer or smartphone. Most people under-stand the concept that...
By Brendon Garcia, senior loan consultant, First Rate Financial Group

Residential | February 2008 
Managing Customers’ Lifecycles
In a tough business climate, well-qualified leads can be hard to find. For a cost-effective source of prospects, however, brokers should take another look at their existing customers. Acc...
By Dean Haritos, founder and chief executive officer, PushMX Software

Residential | August 2013 
Keep Your Clients Close
Most mortgage brokers and originators are intent on effectively engaging their consumers and creating exceptional customer experiences. To that end, having proper contact strategies is essential to es...
By Tom Shaw, vice president of marketing, Lending Division, Carrington Mortgage Services

Residential | August 2013 
Unleashing the Power of Your Marketing Program
Total new mortgage originations reached about 8.6 million this past year, up approximately 34 percent year over year, according to Lender Processing Services. This marked the strongest year for mortga...
By Jim Blatt, CEO and co-founder, Mortgage Returns

Commercial | August 2010 
What to Seek in Your Next CRM
Technology in business is really about two things: enhancing your customers’ experiences and accelerating your sales cycle. In a service-based business such as mortgage-loan origination, enhancing cli...
By Jeff Gorden, licensed real estate broke, Eagle Commercial Realty Services

Residential | October 2012 
What’s in Your Toolkit?
For many mortgage brokers and originators, technology has been the driving agent for improving numerous aspects of day-to-day operations. One of the most important tools in the proverbial box is now s...
By Michael Mekler, founder and owner, Liberty First Capital




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