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Articles about Education


Residential | March 2013 
An Introduction to Warehouse Funding
It’s no secret that low interest rates have fueled a spike in mortgage refinancing activity. For mortgage bankers, this can present operational challenges to process, underwrite and close loans in a t...
By Susan Johnson, vice president, Fidelity Bank

Residential | January 2013 
Learn to Think Like an Underwriter
An underwriter has an important role in the mortgage industry, and it carries a heavy responsibility. Underwriters must determine if the borrower has a reasonable ability to repay the loan and if the ...
By Sharmen Lane, senior instructor, Loan Officer School

Residential | January 2013 
Focus on Interaction and Education
As 2013 begins, many mortgage professionals are focused on creating paths to becoming more successful. For some, 2012 was a frustrating year. It always felt as though the economy was taking one step f...
By Joe Amoroso, director of national sales, Real Estate Mortgage Network Inc.

Residential | October 2012 
Don’t Let Your Guard Down
The recent economic downturn in the United States affected every industry in one way or another — perhaps none, however, was hit as hard as the mortgage industry. Although there are countless theories...
By Dave Zitting, president and CEO, Primary Residential Mortgage Inc.

Residential | October 2012 
A Matter of Perspective
Technology has long been a major part of mortgage brokers’ and originators’ lives, with each passing year witnessing a growing array of tools for improving marketing tactics, lead collection and sales...
By Scott Schang, branch manager, Broadview Mortgage

Residential | October 2012 
Don’t Know Much About History? You Should
Being informed and well-educated has been the driving force for success in the mortgage industry throughout the years. That education is even more critical to flourishing in today’s markets. Stayin...
By Len Holland, managing director,

Residential | October 2012 
Check Client Preferences
Effective communication with clients is a critical part of a loan originator’s job. It helps clients know where they are in the loan process and what documents they need to gather for key milestones. ...
By Leif A. Boyd, executive vice president, American Pacific Mortgage Corp.

Residential | November 2012 
Is SaaS Right for Your Company?
Hosted solutions, also known as software as a service (SaaS), enable software to be delivered over the Internet, and its popularity and benefits are well documented. In fact, according to research fro...
By Bob Webb, vice president of sales, Pipkins Inc.

Residential | November 2012 
Meet Your New Assistant
Sometimes, the life of a mortgage broker can feel like the life of a nomad. You’re constantly tasked with driving around and meeting clients, seeing properties and negotiating with lenders. For many m...
By Mike Pugh, vice president of marketing, j2 Global Inc.

Residential | November 2012 
The Importance of Being Educated
Imagine the following: A new client arrives at your office seeking information about everything from the definition of private mortgage insurance (PMI) to credit scores and mortgage loan types. Where ...
By Chip Poli, founder and CEO, Poli Mortgage Group Inc.

Residential | November 2012 
The Swinging Pendulum of Regulation
As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20, and this is especially true when viewing the economy from the other side of the real estate bubble. Although it’s easy to look back and see the warning signs, i...
By Michael Mekler, founder and owner, Liberty First Capital

Residential | November 2012 
Tackling Technology Challenges
Although mortgage professionals can be resilient, creative people in many respects, it’s often the case that mortgage technology can be a baffling subject for some within the industry. Companies that ...
By Wade Brantley, managing director, SaM Solutions

Residential | December 2012 
Bring More to the Table Than Food
Mortgage brokers and real estate agents have the same targets — people who want to buy homes — so partnerships between the two are logical and often highly profitable. Many brokers simply want to show...
By Jim Lowenstern, CEO, Castles Unlimited

Residential | December 2012 
Know What Makes a Good Lead
With so many consumers looking to take advantage of today’s low interest rates, helping mortgage brokers and originators sift through and prioritize incoming opportunities is critical. With the high c...
By Nick Hedges, president and CEO, Leads360


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