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Articles about FHA


Residential | June 2007 
From the Top
With some elements of the real estate industry burning out, we inevitably turn to our legislative bodies to keep the fire. And we cross our fingers. Will regulators find the trick to reki...
By Geary Britton-Simmons, founder, Scotsman Guide Media, Inc

Residential | June 2007 
FHA: An Alternative to Nonprime
With the decline in the nonprime market, mortgage brokers are suffering because a big source of their loan originations is disappearing. Much of this volume soon might be replaced by Federal Housing...
By David Olson, president and managing director, Access Mortgage Research & Consulting Inc

Residential | May 2007 
How to Broker FHA Reverse Mortgages
Increasingly, homeowners ages 62 and older are turning to reverse mortgages to help with retirement and other expenses. As such, brokers who enter this market can find great opportunity. ...
By Sandra Lee, reverse-mortgage specialist, Reverse Mortgage Services

Residential | December 2008 
Q&A: Nicolas P. Retsinas, Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University
Each year, the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University releases its "State of the Nation's Housing" report. Amid a rapidly changing housing market, center Director Nicolas P. Retsina...
By Ivanna C. Sukkar, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Residential | December 2008 
Sharing Risk Can Save the Economy
Market speculation seems to run rampant these days. Although various legislative efforts have passed, the system is far from fixed. In fact, the lines are now blurred between the private and public ...
By John Shaw, financial strategist, author, mortgage broker & Realtor

Residential | December 2008 
FHA Changes: 9 Need-to-Knows
July’s Housing and Economic  Recovery Act of 2008 affects many aspects of the industry, including Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans. Regarding FHA-guideline changes, however, the...
By Jeff Mifsud, founder, Mortgage Seminars LLC

Residential | November 2008 
FHA's Time to Shine
As the mortgage market reels from its latest upheaval, many mortgage brokers still have a stable product to offer their clients: Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans. The FHA offers...
By Julie Krause, chief operating officer, NetMore America Inc.

Residential | October 2008 
FHA Moves Forward
The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 is setting forth many changes for the housing and mortgage industries. As the federal loan program that has kept many mortgage operations in business, t...
By Dan Thoms, senior vice president, AllRegs

Commercial | August 2008 
FHA: Not Merely the Last Resort
If your borrowers are having trouble securing high-leverage, nonrecourse debt -- loans in which the lender cannot claim more than the collateral as repayment in the event of loan default -- it might...
By Scott A. Graber, business developer, AmeriSphere

Residential | August 2008 
Q&A: John M. Quigley, Berkeley Program on Housing and the Urban Economy
John M. Quigley's 15-page curriculum vitae says it all. The University of California, Berkeley, professor and director of the Berkeley Program on Housing and the Urban Economy has decades of experie...
By Ivanna C. Sukkar, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Residential | August 2008 
Dare to Compare
Although loan options have dwindled in recent months, mortgage brokers are finding that they still have options with two old standards: the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) and the Federal Ho...
By Darrin Stobaugh, consultant

Residential | July 2008 
Closing Deals with Foreclosed-Upon Borrowers
As foreclosures continue to increase nationwide, the government and the mortgage industry struggle with ideas for helping homeowners avoid this outcome. There have been some proactive ste...
By Darrin Stobaugh, consultant

Residential | April 2008 
Brokers shy away from Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-insured loans because they’ve heard that they are a pain to do or that there are too many conditions. While FHA loans may require more back...
By Jeff Mifsud, founder, Mortgage Seminars LLC

Residential | January 2008 
Q&A: Richard K. Green, American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association
To plan for business this year, brokers depend on housing-market research and analysis. AREUA’s nearly 800 members, including real estate professionals and academics, support this need through the a...
By Kirsten Terry, editorial intern, Scotsman Guide Media, Inc

Residential | December 2009 
Q&A: Frank Garay and Brian Stevens, TBWS Daily
Frank Garay and Brian Stevens host ThinkBigWorkSmall's popular "TBWS Daily," an online video report dispensing mortgage news and opinion to viewers nationwide at Earli...
By Darrick Meneken, associate editor, Scotsman Guide Media


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