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Articles about FHA


Residential | February 2010 
Does Your Lender Use the Right AMC?
Mandatory appraiser independence appears poised to stick around for the long term. Mortgage brokers can use this to their advantage by working with lenders that assure only the highest-quality apprais...
By George K. Demopulos, president and chief valuations officer, Lincoln Appraisal and Settlement Services

Residential | January 2010 
FHA Changes Shuffle the Deck
With the start of a new year come revisions to Federal Housing Administration (FHA) lending programs. These changes intend to rein in defaults related to FHA-insured loans. As FHA lending increased in...
By Darrin Stobaugh, consultant

Commercial | January 2011 
What to Expect from FHA Loans
In the world of commercial real  estate today, few financing options are as readily available for owners and developers of multifamily housing and health-care facilities as Federal Housing Admini...
By Mark Dellonte, president, Love Funding

Residential | December 2011 
7 Reasons to Offer the 203(k)
Only a few years ago, loan programs abounded. They filled mortgage professionals’ heads with guidelines and different options. That came crashing down with the housing crisis. Mortgage brokers are lef...
By Adel A. Michael, founder, Omega Financial Services Inc

Residential | December 2011 
Translating SEO Strategy into Sales
Achieving search-engine optimization (SEO) success is disheartening when it doesn’t lead to sales. You invest time and money in SEO work and marketing, and you achieve good results. Your website is fi...
By J.C. Kiadii, customer-liaison manager,

Residential | November 2011 
Think Green to Make More Green
The subprime mortgage debacle and subsequent recession did nothing positive for the reputations of U.S. mortgage originators, brokers and lenders. Nearly every large — and many small — lending institu...
By Dave Porter, area manager, Evergreen Home Loans

Residential | November 2011 
Adapt to Beat the Odds
It’s not easy being a mortgage broker in 2011. Years of regulatory scrutiny, public misperception and widespread accountability for the actions of a malignant few culminated in the Federal Reserve Boa...
By Andrew Peters, CEO, First Guaranty Mortgage Corp

Residential | November 2011 
Is There a Doctor for the House?
In today’s market, distressed properties are increasingly common — from short sales to foreclosures — and these houses tend to suffer from neglect. In addition, many homes are going on the market “as ...
By Gerry Glavery, senior vice president, UHS America

Residential | November 2011 
It’s Business – and It’s Personal
The benefits of engaging clients through one-on-one interaction cannot be underestimated. The ability to meet at any time or place is crucial for world-class service and for creating the trust needed ...
By Hunt Gersin, president and CEO, Neighborhood Sales Consultants

Residential | October 2011 
How a Declining Market Affects Appraisals
Mortgage loans on properties in a declining market typically require additional data and analysis by the assigned appraiser and underwriter as part of the underwriting process. Mortgage originators an...
By Gerry Glavery, senior vice president, UHS America

Residential | September 2011 
Can a Client Have 2 FHA Loans?
If you have clients who bought their house using a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan, can they purchase another house using an FHA loan without selling their current home? Probably not — but t...
By Rebekah Radice, mortgage loan originator, Benchmark Mortgage

Residential | August 2011 
The Case for Sustainability Grows Stronger
Today’s homebuyers want value. As mortgage professionals adjust to buyers’ shifting demands — and to the changing marketplace — they should seek new ways to establish business dominance. Moving forwar...
By Susan Frost, president and broker, Alliance Mortgage and Marketing

Residential | July 2011 
Don’t Mess Around with Quality-Control Compliance
Whether you’re a mortgage broker or lender, an audit by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) could shake your world if you’re not prepared. Repurchase requests from investors cou...
By George H. Marentis, president and CEO, Mortgage Compliance Consultants LLC

Residential | July 2011 
What Makes a Professional?
In the past few years, the mortgage industry has been carved up like a Christmas ham, with regulations, dictates and rules. There has been an estimated nationwide attrition of 50 percent in our ranks,...
By Chris Jones, branch manager, City 1st Mortgage Services

Residential | May 2011 
Tiptoe Through the Distressed-Property Market
The days of distressed-property investing are far from over. In most U.S. markets, foreclosure inventories are above average, and negative equity continues to undermine listing and sales prices. As th...
By Manuel V. Sicre, chief financial officer, EMP Medical Services and Central Medical Equipment Rental


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