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Articles about FICO Scores


Residential | May 2019 
These Clients Are Waiting to Be Seen
When it comes to mortgages, the credit score is still king. Unfortunately for some borrowers, it also can be the first stumbling block, since the FICO score can be the biggest deciding facto...
By Tom Gillen, senior vice president of capital markets, Churchill Mortgage

Commercial | March 2019 
Close More Loans by Becoming a FICO Master
FICO credit scores are used by most lenders to determine credit risk and the interest rate that borrowers will be charged. Your clients have three distinct FICO scores from each of the three credit bu...
By Lukas Bull, credit analyst, Prime Commercial Lending

Residential | March 2019 
Fringe Borrowers Deserve Another Look
Key Points An ocean of potential borrowers awaits ...
By Michael Sunnaa, vice president of production, Doorway Home Loans

Residential | February 2019 
Reliable Credit Scoring Is Vital for Homebuying
Key Points Evaluating an alternative credit-scoring model ...
By Joanne Gaskin, vice president of scores and analytics, FICO

Residential | February 2018 
Uncloak the Financial Invisibles
Are you aware that more than 45 million adults in the United States have no credit score? It is not that these people have bad credit. They simply are not in the credit system. Many mortgage ori...
By Cullen Canazares, CEO and founder, Rental Kharma

Residential | February 2017 
Stay on the Straight and Narrow With Credit Repair
There is a very narrow path in the law when it comes to credit repair, which is the process of changing or deleting derogatory items on credit reports in order to raise FICO credit scores. The la...
By Dave Schram, president, 740plus Credit Score Repair

Residential | November 2016 
How to Fix FICO Scores
When your borrowers have FICO scores that come up short of qualifying for their desired loans, you do not necessarily have to move them into lesser loan products or disqualify them outright. A score i...
By Ali Zane, CEO, iMax Credit Repair

Residential | August 2016 
Heading Toward Another Fall?
It’s a safe bet that the vast majority of mortgage-industry professionals have seen the Academy Award-winning film “The Big Short,” which is based on the bestselling book by Michael Lewis. The core of...
By Richard E. Cox, CEO and founder, American Seller Financing LLC

Residential | July 2016 
Credit Surprises Dim Homeowners’ Dreams
With the reduction of credit availability following the housing crisis, it is no surprise that U.S. consumers have been investigating alternative lending options. Home equity loans have stricter guide...
By Alisa Glutz, licensed mortgage banker, Cherry Creek Mortgage Co. Inc.

Residential | February 2016 
The Best Things in Business Can Be Free
Key Points Data furnishers (creditors) must do the following, according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act: Provide comp...
By Alisa Glutz, licensed mortgage banker, Cherry Creek Mortgage Co. Inc.

Residential | June 2004 
Preparing Customers for Today’s Credit Market
According to Syms, one of the largest retailers, “The best customer is an educated customer.”  Their success attests to the fact that everyone wins when consumers dually understand how to manage cr...
By Andrea Stowers, CMB, President, Stowers Consulting

Residential | June 2004 
The Emperors Have No Clothes!
Our clients’ loans live or die by their FICO scores and their credit reports. So, consequently, do we. After all, if we can't make loans because our clients are deemed non-creditworthy, we won't ma...
By Mike Arman, owner, Integrity Financial

Commercial | August 2005 
Taking the First Step
The next time you get an approval on a commercial loan based only on vague property information or a credit score, you may want to proceed with caution. Many brokers have received this kind of appro...
By Kim Daugherty, senior account executive, KC Capital

Commercial | July 2005 
It’s time to rethink portfolio lending
Forget everything you know about the mortgage business. Put away your debt-ratio and loan-to-value calculations. Put away your charts and desktop underwriting. And most importantly, ignore FICO scor...
By Ari Miller, vice president, Gelt Financial Corp.

Commercial | January 2006 
Learn the Good from the Bad
If you follow the credit, income and collateral (CIC) rule of thumb when sourcing for commercial-loan candidates, you usually can’t go wrong. The information you find by assessing your clients’ CIC...
By Christopher Perez, loan consultant, NFRC Ventures


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