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Articles about Financial Reform


Residential | November 2010 
Don't Fear Reform
Regulatory change tends to inspire fear. For many in the mortgage industry, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act epitomizes this statement. That could be a reflection of the s...
By Peter Hébert, author, Mortgaged and Armed

Residential | November 2010 
On the Origin of Income
The landscape for mortgage-broker compensation is changing. Are you ready? Here's a look at what's coming and how brokers -- and their lenders -- can evolve their payment models and prepare for the fu...
By Amy Avitable, director of compliance services, Sheshunoff Consulting and Solutions

Residential | October 2010 
Keeping Tabs on Financial Reform
As the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection takes form, mortgage brokers should pay attention to developments and know which have the potential to change the way they do business. The bureau, estab...
By Richard Smith, loan originator, Churchill Mortgage

Residential | October 2010 
The Tricky Business of Predicting Market Trends
Financial prognosticators are a dime a dozen, especially when it comes to the mortgage industry. Regardless, as we look toward 2011 and beyond, it's a good idea to consider how the market could play o...
By Ken Lambert, CEO, Ken Lambert Mortgage Enterprises Inc

Residential | October 2010 
How to Promote Smooth Appraisal Transfers
In a perfect world, upon finding their clients a better deal, mortgage brokers could transfer an appraisal from one lender to another quickly and easily. Unfortunately, when it comes to appraisal tran...
By Brian C. Coester, CEO, Coester Valuation Management Services

Residential | September 2010 
Making Sense of the Financial-Reform Bill
The financial-reform bill President Barack Obama signed this past July 21 affects mortgage-origination, underwriting and servicing standards. It also outlines rules for mortgage-broker compensation, i...
By Richard Smith, loan originator, Churchill Mortgage

Residential | June 2010 
Wanna Recover? Which Stage Are You In?
Many people in the mortgage business have been immobilized by the speed and size of the economic contraction. Volumes and profits have plummeted. Uncertainty, fear, and the compromising of goals and t...
By Grant Cardone, CEO, Cardone Training Technologies Inc

Residential | June 2011 
Recovery Depends on You — So Speak Up
In markets around the country, it’s now cheaper to own a home than to rent. If you operate in such a market — refer to online rent-buy comparisons to find out — you should deliver this news to everyon...
By Drew Kessler, managing director, KMG Mortgage Consulting

Residential | March 2011 
The FinePrint
As most mortgage brokers likely recall, when the mortgage crisis first broke in 2007, it was confined to the subprime market. Many industry experts indicated that the overall housing market would surv...
By Richard Smith, loan originator, Churchill Mortgage

Residential | February 2011 
3 Words: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Economic cycles can be vicious. Take our recent iteration: The housing market collapsed and the job market followed; now the housing market looks to the job market for recovery. That might sound illog...
By Drew Kessler, managing director, KMG Mortgage Consulting


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