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Articles about Foreclosures


Residential | February 2017 
Prepare for the Unexpected
For every unique lending situation, there is a unique loan solution. In today’s ever-changing economy, it is critical for mortgage originators to have access to a vast product portfolio with an array ...
By Aaron Nemec, executive vice president of production, Academy Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | July 2015 
A Big, Distressed Question
The infamous mortgage crisis, which began nearly 10 years ago, had major implications on residential real estate. It also created serious problems for the commercial real estate industry — as th...
By Scott Miller, co-founder, Commercial Real Estate Distressed Assets Association (CREDAA)

Commercial | July 2015 
From Foreclosed to Fortunes
Commercial mortgage brokers and hard money lenders are always looking for new business. One potential avenue can be found by looking at the remnants of the housing collapse. The real estate mel...
By Yanni Raz, CEO, HML Investments

Commercial | April 2015 
Completion Versus Repayment Guarantees
Developers and investors often seek  nonrecourse debt to limit their personal liability. Investors working on existing commercial properties can often achieve this because the property and its existin...
By Kevin Choquette, founder, Fident Capital

Residential | January 2004 
Chasing the Foreclosure Sale
Ralph is diligently applying the information learned at that foreclosure seminar he attended a month ago.  As the instructor said, there’s a fortune to be made picking up troubled properties.  Why? It...
By A. B. Jacobs, professional investor, Premier Investors of Orange County

Commercial | March 2005 
The Basics to Foreclosure and Negotiating a Loan Restructure
Foreclosure is the legal process in which your right to a property is terminated through a forced public-auction sale, usually because of a default of monthly mortgage payments. This article address...
By Joe Vera, real estate broker, industry consultant

Residential | July 2007 
Uncover New Business with 3 Markets
Sometimes, you need to dig a little deeper to uncover a diamond in the rough. This is especially true in today’s market. The changes and tighter restrictions in nonprime-lending guideline...
By Ron Appel, national sales director, A+ Letter Service

Residential | July 2007 
Help the Buyer Beware
Caveat emptor. It’s a classic business cliché — buyers should beware. They should know what they’re getting into. They should read the fine print. They should make informed decisions. But...
By David Hovasse, founder, Single Parent Properties

Residential | April 2007 
Q&A: Ellen Schloemer, Center for Responsible Lending
Self-Help Credit Union, a North Carolina community-development lender, formed the Center for Responsible Lending in 2002. The credit union wanted to build on its anti-predatory-lending efforts — mo...
By Melinda Young, associate editor, Scotsman Guide Media, Inc

Residential | February 2007 
Avoid Foreclosure with Hard Money
Foreclosure rates are increasing across the country, which can be cause for alarm. In places such as Arizona, which had more than 3,000 filings this past November, the number of pre-fore...
By Anthony “Tony” Chao, COO, Allied Mortgage and Financial Corp.

Residential | December 2008 
Sharing Risk Can Save the Economy
Market speculation seems to run rampant these days. Although various legislative efforts have passed, the system is far from fixed. In fact, the lines are now blurred between the private and public ...
By John Shaw, financial strategist, author, mortgage broker & Realtor

Residential | October 2008 
Don’t Foreclose on Opportunity
Consumers and venture capitalists alike are looking for signs that the housing market will bottom out. Mortgage brokers who understand varying opinions on this, as well as the effect that foreclosur...
By Peter Hébert, author, Mortgaged and Armed

Residential | August 2008 
From the Editor
Soon after the stories of wild increases of foreclosures came those of the families put out on the street Then of the D-list celebrities, politicians and sports stars whose properties fac...
By Tony Stasiek, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Residential | July 2008 
Closing Deals with Foreclosed-Upon Borrowers
As foreclosures continue to increase nationwide, the government and the mortgage industry struggle with ideas for helping homeowners avoid this outcome. There have been some proactive ste...
By Darrin Stobaugh, consultant

Commercial | April 2008 
Common Foreclosure Liabilities
As more lenders are taking back properties because of defaults and foreclosures, many are looking more closely at environmental due-diligence practices conducted during foreclosure. The g...
By Mark H. Fackler, president, AZLAND Business Solutions LLC


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