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Articles about Freddie Mac


Commercial | June 2014 
Q&A: Frank E. Nothaft, Freddie Mac
Freddie Mac asserts its place in multifamily. In the wake of the gradual recovery in the commercial real estate sector that followed the economic crash in 2008, the role of government-sponsor...
By Kurt Stephan, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Residential | April 2011 
The FinePrint
In last month’s FinePrint column (, I wrote about the government’s yet-to-be-announced proposals for housing reform. Since then, the administration’s proposal was released with the title...
By Richard Smith, loan originator, Churchill Mortgage

Residential | December 2012 
Keep an Eye on Changing Short-Sale Trends
Things are changing in the world of short sales. In an attempt to streamline the short-sale process for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) issued new guide...
By Cory Boatright, founder,

Residential | July 2013 
Taking the Heat Off Buyback Demands
In the aftermath of the housing crisis, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac issued repurchase requests on nearly $100 billion in mortgages. Not surprisingly, this caused many lenders to look toward the future ...
By Allen H. Jones, managing director, RiskSpan Inc; and Leah Price, consultant, RiskSpan Inc

Residential | January 2010 
New Market Realities Take Hold
Conventional mortgage loans have become increasingly more difficult. Not only have agency standards tightened, but mortgage-insurance requirements also have added limitations. With manual restrictions...
By Richard Smith, loan originator, Churchill Mortgage

Commercial | August 2011 
10 Ways to Earn Lenders’ Approval
The past few years have been difficult for commercial mortgage borrowers and lenders alike. Money has been tight and difficult to access. Commercial and multifamily mortgage originations fell sharply ...
By Vic Clark, senior vice president, Walker & Dunlop

Residential | November 2011 
Ready or Not: UCDP Is Here
The mortgage industry currently is seeing an unprecedented amount of changing regulations. Another one is about to take effect, and mortgage originators must take note. The latest regulation comes ...
By Jennifer Creech, CEO and president, InHouse Inc

Residential | November 2011 
The Link Between Mortgage Rates and Housing Prices
The economy is on everyone’s minds right now — from politicians to mortgage brokers and originators. Where is it going? How can we fix it? How will it affect your business? There are two key indica...
By Taylor R. Cottam, editor,

Residential | November 2011 
Automation Is the Answer
Since the 1990s, Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter (DU) and Freddie Mac’s Loan Prospector (LP) have provided mortgage professionals with a quick and convenient way to qualify borrowers. Over time, thes...
By Linn Cook, director of sales and marketing, LendingQB

Residential | September 2011 
Brighter Days Lie Ahead
It's been a harrowing few years. We witnessed plummeting home values, extremely low interest rates, record foreclosures, widespread borrower distress and the collapse of numerous financial institution...
By Vince Parlove, president, Michigan Mutual Inc.

Residential | August 2011 
Keep Up with Green Demands
In recent years the demand for green homes has grown significantly. As sustainability becomes a higher priority for consumers, that demand will continue to broaden. The shaky economy and housing marke...
By Joseph C. Magdziarz, president, Appraisal Institute

Residential | June 2011 
Predicting the Future of Mortgage Products
Every week or two, we read something new about how the mortgage industry will soon be shaken to its core. Although these reports frighten some of us, they should at least concern us all. Whether you'r...
By Ken Lambert, CEO, Ken Lambert Mortgage Enterprises Inc

Residential | March 2011 
The FinePrint
As most mortgage brokers likely recall, when the mortgage crisis first broke in 2007, it was confined to the subprime market. Many industry experts indicated that the overall housing market would surv...
By Richard Smith, loan originator, Churchill Mortgage

Commercial | February 2012 
Change Is in the Air
Environmental due-diligence practices continue to evolve, and there were several significant changes that shaped the industry in 2011. These likely will continue to have an impact on how lenders opera...
By Jay Grenfell, national client manager, Partner Engineering and Science Inc.

Residential | May 2012 
Clear a Path to Close on Distressed Properties
Distressed properties have become a large percentage of the housing market in the past few years, and many homeowners continue to face foreclosure in today’s market. In fact, according to data from th...
By Lynne Wang, owner, Dallas Best Mortgage


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