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Articles about Green Practices


Commercial | April 2008 
From the Editor
Talk of a global community in the so-called information age has perpetuated the myth of the universal truth. In other words, access to wider, more-varied depth of data doesn’t guarantee t...
By Tony Stasiek, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | April 2008 
Q&A: Jeff Telego, Environmental Bankers Association
As long as environmental issues such as contamination liability and brownfield redevelopment remain in the commercial mortgage landscape, due diligence likely will be a hot topic among brokers. The ...
By Melinda Young, associate editor, Scotsman Guide Media, Inc

Commercial | April 2008 
On the Lookout for Insurance Exclusions
Lending on green buildings creates an opportunity for brokers and lenders to enhance their corporate image as sustainable businesses. Other benefits of participating in the environmental movement in...
By David Dybdahl, president, American Risk Management Resources Network LLC

Commercial | April 2008 
The Bottom Line Goes Green
Environmental awareness has hit a fever pitch recently. As public perception evolves and environmental groups worldwide step up their efforts, green issues find themselves at the forefront of civic ...
By Craig Grella, founder,

Residential | April 2008 
Less Paper = More Efficiency
There’s never been a better time for businesses to “go green” as they address their operational efficiencies. Modern consumers are acutely aware of environmental issues, and the movement among corpo...
By Thomas H. O’Leary, senior vice president, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Residential | April 2008 
Look to Shared Ownership for Answers
One day, I saw a father walking on a sandy beach with his son. The boy was taking extra-long strides to walk in his father’s footprints. I was struck by some interesting implications of that moment:...
By Mark Chesney, founder, GrandShare

Residential | April 2008 
More Green for Green Homes
It seems that wherever we look these days, green is the “in” color. People everywhere are trying to do more for the environment. This is also true in the housing industry, where more people are look...
By Marc A. Cisneros Jr., CEO and co-owner, CS Innovative Insurance Solutions

Residential | April 2008 
Save Energy, Earn More Business
Saving the environment is all the rage. To many people, it’s a social obligation; to others, it’s a novelty. At worst, some are simply apathetic. That said, there is often no downside to implementin...
By Debbi Lyons, director of marketing, Encomia LP

Commercial | February 2008 
Hidden Problems, Nasty Consequences
A site in New Jersey tainted by an adjacent property’s oil spill. A Florida building constructed near a former bombing range. A Texas property built on a former oil-and-gas field with elevated level...
By Derek Ezovski, president and CEO, Outsourced Risk Management Solutions (ORMS) LLC

Commercial | December 2009 
When Green Isn't What It Seems
As people become more environmentally conscious and make buying choices based on products' environmental benefits, more companies are trying to capitalize on the green movement. One method some compan...
By Dr. Diana Driscoll, president , Ridgeline Hospitality

Commercial | November 2009 
5 Components of a Successful Exit Strategy
Just a few years ago, commercial property-developers only had to submit a well-thought-out proposal for virtually any type of income-producing property, and they would receive nearly instant financial...
By Milton Franklin, founder and president, Commercial Mortgage Exchange Inc.

Commercial | September 2009 
What Being Green Really Means
Strategic energy management is the backbone of any green-building portfolio, and energy-efficiency is the most cost-effective green strategy available to building operators. For mortgage professionals...
By Alyssa Quarforth, program manager, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Commercial | November 2014 
Better Business Through Green Practices
Environmental considerations in the office have been around for years, but new trends are emerging, signaling a continuation and intensification of what many call the green movement. Real estate origi...
By Yanni Raz, CEO, HML Investments

Commercial | September 2014 
Better Living Through Benchmarking
Energy benchmarking is the process of standardizing the energy capability of a commercial building, with the potential necessity of disclosing the findings to interested or required parties. These p...
By Michael Genevay, energy-efficiency adviser, Chase Energy Solutions Inc.; and Michael Berkley, account executive, Paramount Mortgage Lending Group

Commercial | September 2014 
Take Energy-Efficiency Upgrades to the Bank
The savings from low-downpayment financing combined with the long-term benefits of going green have the potential to be significant for businesses purchasing commercial real estate. When financing c...
By Barbara Morrison, founder and president, TMC Financing


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