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Articles about Green Practices


Commercial | April 2014 
Team Up for a Green Future
With each passing year, more and more environmentally conscious activities become incorporated as best practices in everyday life. The reasons for this vary: Some people and companies are committed ...
By Anthony Dirubbo, vice president of operations, Acella Construction

Commercial | April 2014 
Adding Sustainability to Lending
The growth of sustainable building in commercial real estate hinges on the availability of attractive financing for green-building projects. Financial institutions are an integral part of commercial r...
By Odell Murry, president, MAI Financial Services Inc.

Commercial | April 2014 
Exploring Green Value in Commercial Appraisals
It is not uncommon for commercial mortgage professionals to help clients understand and navigate the appraisal process during a refinancing or new-construction deal. In doing so, it is important to ...
By Ken P. Wilson, president, Appraisal Institute

Commercial | April 2014 
Q&A: Mike Italiano, Capital Markets Partnership
Can green building bonds reverse climate change? Even though “green” may be a hot buzzword in real estate construction, the drive toward sustainable building practices has been a decades-long jou...
By Kurt Stephan, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | April 2014 
From the Editor
Going green has been on the rise. Corporations, big and small, have jumped on the go-green bandwagon. From green-practices initiatives to sustainable strategies and community efforts, going g...
By Rania Efthemes, director of content strategy , Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | February 2014 
Go Green for New Lending Prospects
Funding for green-energy projects is fast becoming one of the hottest loan types in the commercial market because of the growing need for alternative-energy sources. These projects are spawning countl...
By Anita Huedepohl, founder and CEO, Liberty Funding

Commercial | August 2013 
Multifamily Goes Green
As the multifamily market continues to lead the commercial real estate recovery, more properties are being built to meet demand. With significant amounts of new construction coming online, green bui...
By Colin Edelstein, director, NorSouth Constructs

Commercial | July 2013 
A Display of Sustainability
Although not embraced as quickly as some might have hoped for, green construction is gaining traction across various property types — from office properties to community buildings. Several factors hav...
By Saul Schrader, senior project manager, Acella Construction Corp

Residential | July 2013 
7 Ways to Go Green
People everywhere are going green and cutting back on waste in an effort to do their part for the environment. And let’s face it — with so many people focused on reducing their carbon footprints, woul...
By Joe Curtis, mortgage consultant, New Penn Financial LLC

Residential | July 2013 
Determining the Value of Green
Energy-efficient homes can provide numerous benefits to homeowners, including lower energy costs, improved comfort and reduced pollution. Mortgage bankers and lenders who issue loans on high-efficienc...
By Richard L. Borges II, president, Appraisal Institute

Commercial | December 2010 
How to Find Green Funding
Renewable-energy and other green projects have drawn a lot of attention recently. This attention, coupled with the lingering memory of the ethanol boom — when banks, hedge funds, private-equity groups...
By Rachael Maltese, managing partner, Greener Earth Financial Solutions

Commercial | November 2010 
Does Your Building Measure Up?
In recent years, there has been a greater focus on energy efficiency in newly constructed and existing buildings. Initiatives aimed at measuring and curbing energy use are being enacted around the glo...
By Eugene A. Belli, vice president of national programs, AEI Consultants

Commercial | July 2010 
In Full Disclosure
In recent years, the commercial real estate community has paid increased attention to buildings' energy use. In fact, some institutional investors and lenders now evaluate a building's energy usage as...
By Dan Spinogatti, senior vice president, EBI Consulting; and Joshua Lehman, sustainability consultant, EBI Consulting

Commercial | March 2010 
Get Your Green On
The economy's slow rebound offers a prime time for commercial mortgage brokers to prepare for an emerging marketplace. Sustainable developments and building rehabilitations are changing the way proper...
By Ralph DiNola, principal, Green Building Services Inc

Commercial | March 2010 
The Difference One Footprint Can Make
Green-building practices, which strive to reduce a building's environmental impact and enhance its occupants' well-being, are among the biggest trends in commercial real estate today. Newspapers and b...
By Josh Simon, certified carbon-reduction manager, Energy Reduction Solutions Inc


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