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Articles about Green Practices


Commercial | March 2010 
Property-developers have grappled with how to approach sustainability ever since the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) launched its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green-buildin...
By Thomas Taylor, general manager, Vertegy

Commercial | March 2010 
Making an Eco-Conscious Exchange
For decades, sophisticated property-investors have used U.S. Internal Revenue Code Section No. 1031 tax-deferred exchanges for real estate or personal property as an efficient tax-mitigation strategy....
By Ricky B. Novak, president, Strategic 1031 Exchange Advisors; and James W. Freeman, Chief Financial Officer, Strategic 1031 Exchange Advisors

Commercial | January 2010 
Go Green, Get Green
While there are mixed opinions about whether the economy is rebounding, there continue to be ominous projections about certain sectors, including commercial lending and the health of banks with signif...
By Jane Snoddy Smith, partner, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP

Residential | September 2010 
Get Hip to Generation Y
Generation Y consists of the most technologically savvy consumers in history. Many people who comprise this group have similar tastes and consumption patterns. As Generation Y enters the homebuying...
By Missy Zakett, vice president of sales, enterprise banking, Western Union Global Business Payments

Residential | September 2010 
Rev Your Green-Lending Engine
As more consumers show interest in green-built, energy-efficient homes, many homebuilders and developers are changing their building practices to meet increased demand. What's often missing from the p...
By Dakota Gale, program manager, sustainable finance, Earth Advantage Institute

Residential | April 2010 
Find Solutions in the Clouds
Many mortgage brokers who emerge as new industry leaders following the subprime (aka, nonprime) collapse will be those who embrace community-minded solutions and focus on how their actions affect not ...
By Dain Ehring, CEO and founder, Dorado Corp

Residential | March 2010 
Cut Costs by Going Green
In the past 10 to 15 years, the concept of having an environmentally responsible and sustainable business has made its way into the mainstream. Terms such as "global warming," "carbon footprints" and ...
By Randall Nachman, operations manager, ATLOS LLC

Commercial | August 2011 
Take the Initiative on Sustainability
In commercial real estate today,  terms like sustainable development, going green, LEED certification and smart growth are becoming more prevalent. But what do those words mean? What are the diff...
By Todd Sears, chief financial officer, Herman & Kittle Properties Inc

Commercial | May 2011 
Green Gets It Done
Green financing may be the greatest untapped opportunity available to commercial mortgage brokers right now. In today’s tightened credit markets, savvy brokers can leverage green financing to increase...
By Jim Simcoe, CEO, Simcoe Consulting

Residential | November 2011 
Think Green to Make More Green
The subprime mortgage debacle and subsequent recession did nothing positive for the reputations of U.S. mortgage originators, brokers and lenders. Nearly every large — and many small — lending institu...
By Dave Porter, area manager, Evergreen Home Loans

Residential | August 2011 
Keep Up with Green Demands
In recent years the demand for green homes has grown significantly. As sustainability becomes a higher priority for consumers, that demand will continue to broaden. The shaky economy and housing marke...
By Joseph C. Magdziarz, president, Appraisal Institute

Residential | August 2011 
The Case for Sustainability Grows Stronger
Today’s homebuyers want value. As mortgage professionals adjust to buyers’ shifting demands — and to the changing marketplace — they should seek new ways to establish business dominance. Moving forwar...
By Susan Frost, president and broker, Alliance Mortgage and Marketing

Residential | May 2011 
Move Forward with Green Financing
Americans of all stripes want to live more sustainably. Moreover, many don't have a choice. Increasingly, building codes across the country mandate energy efficiency and reduced waste. Natural resourc...
By Susan Frost, president and broker, Alliance Mortgage and Marketing

Commercial | August 2012 
Keep Your Eye on the Green Prize
Commercial mortgage brokers should be well aware of the growing market interest in green construction and renovation. In fact, nonresidential green building has increased dramatically in the past few ...
By Stormie Jason Williamson, founder, RainCity Green Consulting

Commercial | August 2012 
Heeding Green Advice
In the past few years, real estate  investors and tenants alike have realized the benefits of having energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. The rewards are vast and include: lower utility costs a...
By Erika Petty, marketing manager, Partner Engineering and Science Inc.


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