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Articles about Green Practices


Commercial | March 2012 
Power Your Clients to Lower Costs
Commercial mortgage brokers often encounter properties that are difficult to finance because of their substantial energy bills — a quality that can be unattractive to lenders. Many factors lead to hav...
By Boruch Teitelbaum, national utility expert, ScotsMan Guide Media, Inc

Residential | August 2012 
Being Green to Save Green
It seems to be a popular claim these days that a company has gone green in an attempt to show its commitment to the environment. Questions remain, however, like: What does “green” mean? How does a com...
By Darrin Stobaugh, consultant

Residential | February 2012 
Find Savings by Going Paperless
Mortgage companies are increasingly making use of electronic document-management systems — and with due cause. Improved efficiency can enhance loan-processing time and help reduce administrative costs...
By Randall Nachman, operations manager, ATLOS LLC

Commercial | March 2013 
Green Is the Mature Choice
The recent tough economic times have taken a toll on the incomes of Americans across the board, and seniors — those age 55 and older — are no exception. As many seniors have looked for ways to reduce ...
By Colin Edelstein, director, NorSouth Constructs

Commercial | January 2013 
Shedding Light on Green Value
Commercial mortgage brokers typically keep a close watch on property values in their markets, and one factor that has been gradually influencing the perception of a property’s value is its standing on...
By Eliot Crowe, senior technical manager, PECI

Residential | November 2012 
Meet Your New Assistant
Sometimes, the life of a mortgage broker can feel like the life of a nomad. You’re constantly tasked with driving around and meeting clients, seeing properties and negotiating with lenders. For many m...
By Mike Pugh, vice president of marketing, j2 Global Inc.

Residential | December 2012 
A New Twist for an Old Friend
Fax machines have come a long way since the 1970s, when sending a single page could take 10 minutes or longer. Today, faxing documents are a vital part of doing business in the mortgage and lending in...
By Kyle Flowers, director of marketing, fax products, j2 Global Communications Inc.


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