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Articles about Hard Money


Residential | November 2016 
Expanding the Box of Opportunity
Spend enough time in the housing market, and you will see plenty of ups and downs. In the wake of the financial crisis some 10 years ago, lenders shut their doors to homebuyers, other than those with ...
By Matthew J. Tomiak, managing director, Redwood Trust Inc.

Residential | October 2016 
Satisfying the Need for Speed
A popular video game, “Need for Speed,” features go-fast cars that cost more than the average automobile. Bridge loans for homebuyers are similar in concept. They cost more than traditional ...
By Jan Brzeski, managing director and chief investment officer, Crosswind Financial and Arixa Capital Advisors

Commercial | August 2016 
Traversing the Private-Money Path
As the influence of private-money lenders has grown in the past decade, so have the types of lenders that fit the private-money definition. Borrowers need a roadmap through the private-lending landsca...
By Don Pelgrim, owner and CEO, Wilshire Finance Partners

Commercial | July 2016 
The New Face of Distressed Property
The economic recovery has created some breathing room for commercial real estate owners who fought off foreclosure during the recession. The better times, however, mask a new set of financing woes for...
By Tommy Snyder, president, 1619 Capital Partners

Commercial | July 2016 
Private Lenders Bulk Up
Private-debt lenders are doing more of the heavy lifting in commercial mortgage finance, as the commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) market contracts and the other large institutional lenders ...
By Clark Briner, founder and CEO, Revere Capital

Commercial | May 2016 
Character Opens Doors
No matter how creditworthy, small-capital mortgage customers tend to feel the squeeze between tighter bank-lending standards and the significant financing expenses of many private lenders. There is a ...
By Steve Belleville, director of sales and marketing, Redwood Mortgage

Commercial | April 2016 
Chasing Profit in Payoffs
In times of expected interest rate hikes, savings may be within your clients’ grasp, if they refinance early. With the Federal Reserve embarking on a policy of gradually increasing short-term in...
By Eitan Weinstock, senior analyst, Yield Maintenance Consultants

Residential | January 2016 
Regulations Bring Change to Hard Money Deals
The new integrated-disclosure rule known as TRID is excellent for consumers but also laborious for lenders. It will consequently have some short-term negative impact on lenders, including some hard mo...
By Yanni Raz, CEO, HML Investments

Commercial | January 2016 
Competing In The Cloud
Hard money is entering the age of cloud technology. Across every industry, business operations are moving to Internet-connected cloud-technology platforms. Even traditionally low-tech companies are mo...
By Josh Matthias, co-founder, Lacoda

Commercial | January 2016 
It’s a Wild Ride to Lenders
Borrowers new to the world of hard money or other nonbank financing fear they’ll be trapped in a jungle of high rates and predatory fees. Good mortgage originators smooth the process and calm the jitt...
By Ted Kapnek, Entrepreneur

Commercial | December 2015 
Nonbank Lenders Take Center Stage
During the past seven to eight years, there has been a slow evolution of the commercial real estate financing process. This change was so gradual that it remained unnoticeable, except to those few ind...
By Milton Franklin, founder and president, Commercial Mortgage Exchange Inc.

Commercial | October 2015 
Create a Tailor-Made Marketing Message
Growth in the hard money industry has been incredible in recent years. Because of this, many lending houses have stepped up their marketing efforts as the competition within the segment has also incre...
By Yanni Raz, CEO, HML Investments

Commercial | July 2015 
From Foreclosed to Fortunes
Commercial mortgage brokers and hard money lenders are always looking for new business. One potential avenue can be found by looking at the remnants of the housing collapse. The real estate mel...
By Yanni Raz, CEO, HML Investments

Commercial | May 2015 
Help Your Hard Money Loans Blast off
Underwriting hard money loans is similar to that of traditional lending. Regardless of what type of loan it is, underwriting is still underwriting. As with any loan file, underwriters will revie...
By Corey Curwick Dutton, founder, Private Money Utah

Commercial | May 2015 
The Times They Are a-Changin’
Hard money lenders have seen dramatic changes in recent years. There was a time when the industry was just a small segment of real estate financing. Incredible profits were made in past years ...
By Yanni Raz, CEO, HML Investments


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