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Articles about Hard Money


Commercial | March 2015 
Unearthing Hidden Hard Money Gems
Ordinary lenders continue to be guarded about their investments in today’s fragile real estate world, so hard-money loans have become increasingly common. Right now, there is an incredible amount of o...
By Yanni Raz, CEO, HML Investments

Residential | March 2015 
The Next Generation of Hard-Money Lending
The evolution of hard-money lending has taken a long and fragmented path with products ranging across the spectrum, including payday loans, toxic prime, signature loans and more. Market demands have s...
By Andrew Pollock, president and CEO, WDB Funding

Commercial | August 2003 
Do’s and Don’ts for Working Effectively with Your Hard Money Lender
Recent economic events internationally and on Wall Street have created a sudden shortage of capital to finance many worthwhile commercial real estate transactions. This has resulted in many borrowers ...
By Brian Opert, chief executive, Sterling Commercial Capital LLC

Commercial | December 2004 
Hard Money Commercial Investment Loans
Every day, more residential mortgage brokers are dipping their toes into the waters of commercial lending.  Small commercial investment loans are one of the more common types of these loans for brok...
By Matthew Raymond, business development officer, Fairway

Commercial | December 2004 
How to Get an Easy Hard Equity Loan
Hard equity loans aren’t as hard as some mortgage brokers think. In fact, they are easy. However, some mortgage brokers are afraid to do them. They think that they are different and difficult and be...
By Gary Opper, president, Approved Financial Corp.

Commercial | December 2004 
Miranda Rights of Hard Money
In real estate, it is "location, location, location." In hard money lending, it is "experience, experience, experience."  Last month’s article, The Miranda Rights of Hard Money (Part I), gave an...
By Weston A. Jones, principal broker, Mentor Financial Group

Commercial | November 2004 
The Miranda Rights of Hard Money
This month’s article, “The Miranda Rights of Hard Money,” Part One, gives an overview of the process of selecting a lending team and of the rights that borrowers get from and give to brokers and le...
By Weston A. Jones, principal broker, Mentor Financial Group

Commercial | September 2004 
The Secret of Successful Hard Money Commercial Lending
Hard money lending can be an extremely rewarding and profitable component of your business. Many brokers have recently tapped into this niche as the residential markets have slowed down, while othe...
By Matthew Raymond, business development officer, Fairway

Commercial | August 2004 
How to be a Successful Hard Money Borrower
*This article is written for borrowers; however, it is also useful for lenders and brokers and will help them in managing their relationships with borrowers, which will ensure more successful fundi...
By Weston A. Jones, principal broker, Mentor Financial Group

Commercial | July 2004 
Hard Money Swindlers: What They Don’t Teach at Harvard Business School
The real world does not follow the outline of textbooks or business school classes.  Instead, it is a place where ethics and morals may become relative, and the rules of the game may change, due t...
By Weston A. Jones, principal broker, Mentor Financial Group

Commercial | June 2004 
Packaging Hard Money Loans — More Art than Science
Everyday we are asked the same questions: “What documentation do you need?” or “What does a typical Hard Money loan package include?” This can be a very difficult question because every Hard Money l...
By Weston A. Jones, principal broker, Mentor Financial Group

Commercial | May 2004 
What You Should Know About “Hard Money” Lending
So What Is “Hard Money” Anyway?Most people have heard the term before but are not sure exactly what it means.  Don't be confused by the term "Hard Money”. The name doesn't mean that this money is ...
By Weston A. Jones, principal broker, Mentor Financial Group

Commercial | April 2004 
Brokering Hard Money Commercial Loans: As Easy as 1-2-3
Brokering hard money commercial loans is as easy as 1-2-3.  All you have to do is submit your name and phone number to the funding source, along with your client's personal financial statement, appr...
By Howard Chernin, executive vice president, American Microloan

Commercial | January 2004 
2nd Mortgage Apartment Financing
Robert is in a predicament.  Before that call from escrow this morning, the down payment for his purchase of a 25-unit apartment was set to come from the sale of his 12-unit building.  Everything had ...
By A. B. Jacobs, professional investor, Premier Investors of Orange County

Commercial | August 2005 
Ask Questions
When looking for a reputable hard-money commercial lender for clients, many mortgage brokers and bankers may feel a bit apprehensive about referring their clients to new, unknown private lenders. Ov...
By Mark Condello, president, Atlantic Capital Funding LLC


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