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Articles about Hard Money


Commercial | August 2005 
Don’t Miss a Pay Day
Have you ever worked on a loan, performed and gotten the loan funded only to discover at the closing table that your fees have been renegotiated or after the funding, find out that you did not get p...
By Weston A. Jones, principal broker, Mentor Financial Group

Commercial | June 2005 
Hard money loses its jagged edge
In 1990, I wrote an article titled “The Hard Facts about Hard-Money Lending.” In it, I attempted to debunk for readers the myths and misconceptions about the hard-money business and explain why hard...
By Arthur G. Nevid, managing director, Mountain Funding LLC

Commercial | May 2005 
How to Process a Hard-Money Loan in 20 Steps
In a perfect world, each hard-money loan would follow the same process from origination to closing. But in the real world, no two are identical. However, the following 20-step loan proce...
By Weston A. Jones, principal broker, Mentor Financial Group

Commercial | May 2005 
Hard-Equity Brokerage Produces Simple Lender Solutions
What do you do when you run out of lenders and your borrower’s mortgage is still not funded and closed? A hard-equity loan may be the answer for your borrower’s need. All mortgage brokers should off...
By Gary Opper, president, Approved Financial Corp.

Commercial | March 2005 
Basics of Hard-money Escrows: More Important Than You Think
Escrow probably is one of the most underappreciated parts of the hard-money business. This mindset is dangerous because escrow can make or break any deal and every properly structured real estate tr...
By Weston A. Jones, principal broker, Mentor Financial Group

Commercial | January 2005 
Document Preparation Tips for Hard Money Loans
Several readers have written me recently asking for tips on loan document preparation. Loan document sets are as unique as individuals, and typically lenders drive the process. In fact, more active ...
By Weston A. Jones, principal broker, Mentor Financial Group

Residential | April 2005 
Direct Communication Becomes Vital in Hard-money Lending
With the residential-refinance boom getting smaller and smaller in the rear-view mirror, many mortgage brokers are looking for ways to expand their services. Some are finding that hard-money lending...
By Greg Larson, business-development officer, Fairway

Residential | April 2005 
A Word about Hard-equity Loans — ‘Easy’
Many mortgage brokers might not take the time to investigate the easy niche of hard-equity loans simply because they feel they are too difficult and time-consuming. But hard-equity loans are not har...
By Gary Opper, president, Approved Financial Corp.

Commercial | November 2006 
Take A Good, ‘Hard’ Look
If you are among the brokers looking for other sources of business, look no further than hard money. If this is a product you were previously too busy to pursue, now might be the time to give it a g...
By Dale Morrison, head of investor funding, Rescom Capital Corp. and Commercial Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | September 2006 
Make Hard Money Easy
Borrowers and brokers often ask, “With hundreds of places to secure hard money, does it really matter where I go?” Hard-Money Lending: Myths Vs. Facts Myth: Hard-money lending is a transac...
By Raymond T. Davis, senior managing director, Charlotte Capital Partners Inc.

Commercial | June 2006 
Know Your Hard-Money Lenders
I am amazed at all the new hard-money lenders appearing in the marketplace. It’s understandable, of course, why companies want to enter the hard-money side of the industry. It offers great opportuni...
By Dale Morrison, head of investor funding, Rescom Capital Corp. and Commercial Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | March 2006 
A Head for Hard Money
After being turned down by institutional sources, many mortgage brokers look to other sources to help fund clients’ loans. Hard money can offer an important source of financing for borrowers to solv...
By Dale Morrison, head of investor funding, Rescom Capital Corp. and Commercial Mortgage Corp.

Residential | December 2006 
Know Your Commercial Lenders
Many residential mortgage brokers have decided to start originating commercial loans. In today’s market, that’s a great move. With commercial loans, there’s less competition, borrowers aren’t as rat...
By Ari Miller, vice president, Gelt Financial Corp.

Commercial | October 2007 
Respond to Hard-Money Concerns
The hard-money lending process is less standardized than traditional lending. Borrowers may be uncomfortable with the fast-moving, seemingly unpredictable process. You can enhance your re...
By Benjamin W. Shoval, co-founder, Ambit Funding

Commercial | March 2007 
Transitioning to Hard-Money Lending
When many people start a commercial mortgage business, they start as a mortgage broker, banker or correspondent. This is primarily because of their limited access to capital or limited experience in...
By Andrew J. Niesen, founder, RBA Capital


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